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equivalent anabolic activity with one exception: ecdysterone 
stimulated both slow and the all-important fast twitch 
muscle fibers, while Dianabol only stimulated the slow 
fibers! I think it's safe to say that yes, there are anabolic 
steroids and growth hormones in existence that are more 
powerful than ecdysterone. That's to be expected. But 
what if you could have a compound similar to that in power, 
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     Fitness Tips For For 11/25/2009

High Intensity Training Techniques

Super Sets

A super set is when you alternate two different exercises for two 
different body parts. Example: If your are working chest and back 
in the same workout, you can apply super sets by doing one set of 
bench presses and one set of pull ups. The idea is to work one 
body part while the other body part is resting. You will get 
through your workout faster and more efficiently. 

Forced Reps

A forced rep is when you do as many reps as possible on your own, 
and then you have your training partner help you do a few more reps. 
Example: If you are doing bench presses with a maximum weight for 
8 reps, do your eight reps, then have your training partner help 
you by lifting up slightly on the bar.

Negative Resistance Reps 

A negative resistance rep is when you push the bar up and then your 
training partner applies pressure on the bar on the way down. Try to 
resist the pressure by pushing back up on the bar.
Pre-Exhaust Sets

A pre exhaust set is when you use an isolation exercise to tire a 
muscle out, and then you use a compound exercise to continue to work 
the muscle. Example: Dumbbell Flys are an isolation exercise for the 
chest muscle. Do a light warm up set followed by a medium warm up set. 
Next, do a heavy set for as many reps as possible. Without resting, do 
a set of Bench Ppress. The chest muscles will be tired out from the 
dumbbell fly's, but the shoulder and triceps muscles that you use for 
the bench press will be fresh. Make sure that you use a spotter for
the bench press. You will have to use a lighter weight on the bench 
press than you normally would.

Count Down Sets 

To perform count down sets, you will need access to an Olympic weight 
set, a power rack and 2 training partners. Example: How to apply count 
down sets to the shoulder press: Put the Olympic bar on a power rack at 
about shoulder level. Do a light warm up set and a medium warm up set of 
shoulder presses. For an example, letís say you can do a maximum set of 
shoulder presses for 8 reps with 125 pounds. Put 4 ten pound plates on 
each side of the bar. That equals 80 pounds plus 45 pounds for the bar. 
This is a total of 125 lbs. Take the weight off of the rack and do as 
many reps as possible. Put the bar back on the rack. Have your two 
training partners pull 1 ten pound plate off each side of the bar. Do 
not rest. Pick up the bar and do as many reps as possible. Put the bar 
back on the rack. Have your two training partners pull 1 more ten pound 
plate off of each side of the bar. Without resting, pick the bar back 
up and continue to do reps. Keep going until the bar is empty. You can 
apply count down sets to any exercise that uses a barbell.     

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