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High Intensity Weight Training for Fat Loss

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 12/9/2020

How to Use High-Intensity Training When You Want to Lose Fat

Training for Fat Loss

High-intensity training, or HIT, can help guys get what they want most out of their gym time: bigger and stronger muscles. But what should these same lifters do when they need to lose fat?

That time comes for all of us sooner or later, whether it’s an upcoming beach vacation or your 10-year high school reunion. There are occasions when you just HAVE to trim down and show off your hard-earned muscles.

Can lifting weights help you get big and ripped?

Indeed, it can!

Let’s see how you can shift into fat-burning mode with HIT.


It’s a point that has been argued for decades, but there is no magic when it comes to losing weight.

You need to burn more calories than you take in on a daily basis.

The easiest way to do that is to modify your diet. If you’ve been in “gaining” mode for awhile, this won’t be too tough. Cut 100 calories from your daily intake, and you’ll lose something like a pound of fat in a month if everything else remains the same. Considering that you need to walk a mile to burn those same 100 calories, dietary cuts are a bargain.

You need to be careful slashing calories, though, because going TOO low can cause you to lose muscle. Muscle is your active tissue and burns calories even at rest, so you can’t afford to lose it.

If you restrict food intake too much, you run the danger of missing out on important vitamins and minerals.

As a general rule of thumb, men should not drop much below 1800 calories a day even while cutting.

Start with 100 calories below your maintenance level and drop that until you’re losing a pound every week or two. Also, include a multivitamin supplement in your regimen to help avoid deficiencies.

More Activity

If you have a lot of fat to lose, then you’re going to hit the point where you’re at the bottom of your calorie range. To keep losing, you will need to start burning more calories.

When that happens, you have to increase your activity.

Because you’ll already be in a state of physical stress thanks to your diet, though, you won’t want to add many (if any) really intense workouts to your schedule. A good place to start is to throw in a few 20-minute walks every week and then increase both the frequency and duration as necessary.

Walking or other similar low-impact activity can help you burn several hundred additional calories a day without completely sapping your strength and motivation.

Lift to Preserve

The first thing you need to accept when you start a fat-loss regimen is that your muscle and strength increases will slow down as your calorie balance tips toward the negative. Depending on how much fat you need to lose, your gains eventually will stop completely.

Don’t give up!

You HAVE to fight on with your intense training and struggle as hard as possible to NOT lose any strength or muscle size. High-intensity training can be a real boon in these cases because it gives you the tools to adjust your workout frequency and duration in order to reap the best results.

Here are a few pointers on how to use HIT when you’re losing fat:

These last two points may be hard to swallow, but most of us tend to eat more when we train more often and for longer periods. By reducing your overall physical demands slightly, you are more likely to keep your diet in check.

No matter how you look at it, losing fat is hard work, but the most important consideration is to hang onto as much of your muscle mass as possible during the process. High-intensity training gives you the tools you need to cut gradually and intelligently if you’re willing to make the adjustments that will get you moving toward your goals.

Want Even More HIT Information?

If you want to learn ALL about high-intensity training to figure out if it’s the right approach for you, be sure to check out https://www.getbulky.com/high-intensity-training.html.

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