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     Fitness Tips For 9/26/2012

High or Low Reps for Cutting?

Bodybuilders have been arguing for ages about the importance of doing
high or low reps when you are busy cutting your fat down. After years
of debate and clinical study it seems that the true answer is going 
to be specific to your genes and your structure.

We all have a different ratio of red muscle (slow twitch) fibers and 
white (fast twitch) muscle fibers and when reducing your fat this 
could make a big difference. We also have a genetic metabolism speed
that we are born with. This is something that will also make a big 
difference to your ability to start cutting up and how to train.

The truth is that when "cutting" it is more to do with what you eat 
than your specific weight training routine that you use. However 
there are bodybuilders that swear by doing high reps when starting 
to cut up for a competition, but there is no rule.

In fact one would find professional bodybuilders that will swear 
to increased intensity when cutting up and also slowing down on the
amount of reps. These types of bodybuilders will more than likely 
have a naturally fast metabolism along with a large percentage of 
fast twitch muscle fibers.

Any exercise that takes longer than 40 seconds to complete is going 
to be using red (slow twitch) muscle fibers. This is because it has
used up the muscle glycogen that is stored in the muscle and then 
relies on the oxygenated blood to supply the extra nutrients to 
complete the movement.

One can say that anything less than 8 reps will be using only the 
muscle glycogen that is stored in the muscle to execute the movement.
But anything over 8 or 10 reps will then need aerobically driven 
muscles fibers to complete the movement.

This is extremely non-specific as it will change from person to 
person but generally this will be the case. This means that when a 
bodybuilder trains they usually are including both types of muscle 
fibers. This is a good thing as it means that all the fibers in 
that muscle group will be stimulated.

I suggest making use of all rep ranges (low, medium and high) for 
building maximum muscle mass and definition.

Try this your next workout:

For each exercise (after your warm up) do 1 heavy set of 6 reps, 
then a moderate set of 12 reps then finish with a light set of 
25 reps.

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High or Low Reps for Cutting

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