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     Fitness Tips For 2/22/2017

High Sets vs Low Sets

Targeting the Right Set Strategy Many people get caught up in the right strategy for repetition count, and rightly so. Getting the repetition range is important for reaping the best results from your workout. But don't forget the set count as well. How many sets you perform also plays a big role in how you affect your body. Set Parameters You can choose to perform your sets in a vast range some people use lots of sets, and others not so much. When setting the amounts of sets you will use in a workout, there are some parameters to consider. Some training schemes call for a single set and other involve tons of sets. But there are two numbers you always need to be aware of. That is a single set and a multiple set. Research published by the National Strength and Conditioning Association in one of their journals revealed that performing one set will help maintain the current muscles condition, but performing more than one set (at least 2-3 sets) will promote muscle growth. So if you rely on a single set, you won't make much progress. To push the muscles to grow you need to perform at least two successive sets. How much more than two sets you use is up to you, but you want to get into a set groove where you are abele to challenge, stimulate and exhaust a muscle while still leaving enough fuel in your tank for the exercises that will follow. You can use this knowledge about sets to shape your workout. Say that you aren't feeling all that well, but you don't want your muscles to lose ground. You simply need to perform at least a set per exercise and you will enable your muscles to maintain their current development. So a single set maintenance strategy can work for times when you are not feeling as well as possible. For multiple sets, a smart strategy is to focus a higher set range on the compound movements such as the bench press (4-5 sets) and back that up with fewer sets for the isolation style movements such as the pec dec (say 2 sets per exercise). In this way you can give the main emphasis to the key movements while also gaining ground from the smaller isolation lifts. Have a set strategy is smart for making the most possible gains from your training. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
High Sets vs Low Sets

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