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Home Chest and Back Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 3/25/2020

A Quick Chest And Back Workout That Uses Both Bodyweight And Dumbbells

Back and Chest Home Workout

I was bored the other day so I decided to create a new chest and back workout. I wanted to make it quick and effective. I also wanted to incorporate both push ups and dumbbell presses in it. Call me a nerd but I highly enjoy coming up with new workouts on a regular basis that pushes me to my limits. Right now I focus primarily on bodyweight training, but I had an itch to dust off my adjustable dumbbells and create one heck of a chest and back workout. The only things you need for this workout are dumbbells, a stability ball, and your bodyweight. So keep on reading to see what this new chest and back workout is all about.

Ground Rules For This Chest And Back Workout

Before you begin I need to establish the ground rule, because once this workout starts it will be fast paced and you will not have time to do much besides the exercises. I recommend getting a stability ball for this chest and back workout. If you have a flat bench that is fine, I just prefer the stability ball because you activate more of your body when doing the dumbbell presses. I used adjustable dumbbells for this as I noted in the beginning. You can use normal dumbbells, but make sure to find the weight that does the job to make this chest and back workout more effective. You are going to do a total of 8 rounds. I did 25 push ups, and 10 dumbbell presses (started with 50lbs then reduces to 35 by end of the workout) for chest each round. I then did 10 pull ups and 10 single arm lat rows (50lbs) for back.

This chest and back workout is 8 rounds as noted earlier. You will be doing super sets, 2 chest exercises immediately followed by two back exercises. After you finish the back exercises rest no more than 30 seconds and go to the next round. If you do 25 push ups and 10 dumbbell presses for all eight rounds you will have done 200 push ups and 80 dumbbell presses total. For back if you do 10 pull ups and 10 lat rows you will have done a total over 160 reps.

Here Is The Killer Chest And Back Workout

Instead of listing out each round, I will just cover one round and add in the specifics since you basically do the same exercises for 8 rounds. I figured this would be much easier for you to read and write down versus listing out all 8 rounds.

Rounds 1-8 Of The Chest And Back Workout

My Thoughts After Doing This Chest And Back Workout

I was beat up after I did this chest and back workout. The super set combination of bodyweight exercises and dumbbell exercises was a nice combination that really did the job. I was sore for about a day and a half afterwards and it really pushed my triceps to their limits actually. I suggest you play with the rep counts for each exercise. I know that some people will need to reduce the rep count, and others will need to increase the rep count. Either way just make sure that you pick the right number of reps so that by the end of this chest and back workout your muscles will be toast. I hope you enjoy this chest and back workout, I know I sure did

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