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Home Pull Up Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 4/1/2020

Pull Up Workout - Do Try This At Home!

Back and Chest Home Workout

Want A Fast And Furious Pull Up Workout In Less Than 15 Minutes?

I had a thought the other day to see if I could create a nasty pull up workout that I could do at home using my doorway pull up bar in 15 minutes that would leave me sore for a few days.  I am happy to report that I was sore for 2 days after doing this pull up workout.  Pull ups are one of the best upper body exercises you can do, and when you really turn up the intensity and just go after you understand why.  So if you are craving a nasty pull up workout that is done and over with in 15 minutes that will leave your back and biceps sore for days, then keep on reading.

Get Your Mind Right For This Pull Up Workout

Since this pull up workout is fast and furious you need to make sure to get your mind right before doing it.  What do I mean by that?  This pull up workout is going to burn, your muscles will fatigue and you will need a chair to assist you once you can no longer pull yourself up.  Fight through the burn and just make sure to keep at it until the 15 minutes are up.  All you need for this pull up workout is a doorway chin up bar and a chair to put your feet on once you start to burn out and build high levels of lactic acid in your muscles.

I recommend doing chin ups for this workout, your palms should be facing towards you and your hands should be no more than shoulder width apart.  If you feel like you want to change up your hand position to narrow or reverse grip feel free to do so.  I do have to say this this pull up workout is for people who can do pull ups.  If you really struggle with pull ups, shrink the time to 5 minutes and do what you can.  The stage is set, grab a stop watch or timer on your phone and get ready to obliterate your back.

Here Is The Pull Up Workout

The pull up workout is divided into three 5 minute stages.  Try to reach the five minute mark for each stage.  If you can't reduce the time to 3-4 minutes. If you need to take breaks do so but let the clock run, that should hopefully keep you motivated to keep pushing through this pull up workout.  Here is the pull up workout:

Stage #1

The first stage of this pull up workout is all about endurance.  Do 3-5 fast tempo pull ups, then rest 10 seconds, then do another 3-5 fast tempo pull ups and rest ten seconds.  Keep doing this sequence for five minutes.  This will burn and you may not be able to complete the five minutes without using a chair.  This is where you get your mind right and keep pushing through this pull ups workout.

Stage #2

The second stage of this pull up workout is all about isometric holds plus regular pull up reps. Do 3-5 regular pull ups then do 15-20 second isometric holds.  Make sure when you are doing the holds that you are half way down on the pull up and holding that position for 15-20 seconds.  After the 15-20 seconds is up put your feet on the ground to rest for a brief second, then repeat the sequence.  Do this entire process for 5 minutes.

Stage #3

For the final stage of this pull up workout it is all about burn out.  This is where you really need to dig deep and push yourself to complete this pull up workout.  Do as many pull ups as you can until failure at this stage then rest up to 20 seconds.  After your short rest do as many pull ups as you can until failure then rest again.  Repeat this until the last 5 minutes are up.  This stage ends up being a mini pyramid.

Closing Remarks For This Pull Up Workout

This pull up workout may seem crazy and near impossible for some.  Just do your best and push through it.  It has a good amount of variety in it and will hit every level of muscle fibers in your back and biceps.  If you really want a strong toned back and strong toned biceps, do this pull up workout three times a week for up to 2 months.  Give this pull up workout a good try and let me know how you did

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