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How Big Can My Arms Get

The Importance of Free Testosterone

Do you know the difference between total testosterone and free testosterone?

Did you know you can have high total testosterone, but not be experiencing the all benefits of it?

Total testosterone is is the combined total of three different forms of testosterone in your body:

Testosterone molecules bound to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin),
Testosterone molecules bound to a protein called albumin, and
Free testosterone which isn't bound to anything - thus, it is free.

It's the free testosterone that creates all of the benefits. So it only makes sense to increase the amount of your testosterone.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 9/29/2021

Just How Big Can You Build Your Arms?

How Big Can My Arms Get

Just about every guy wants to build big arms, and we all train hard to reach our goals. It can be frustrating, though, when you hear some lifters boast about their 20-inch guns when you’re still struggling to break the 15-inch mark.

The truth is that the typical lifter has about as much chance of cracking 20 inches as the average pick-up basketball player has of cracking the Lakers’ starting lineup.

That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to small arms, though, or that you can’t build a solid, complete physique. In fact, almost every lifter can build much bigger arms than he has right now.

But just how big can your arms get? You can only know that for sure AFTER you have reached your full potential — and few ever do — but there are some general rules-of-thumb that can give you a good idea.

Classic Proportions

In the world of bodybuilding, and especially in the days before steroids became as prevalent as they are today, most men strived for classic proportions that made their entire physiques pleasing to the eye while still carrying a lot of muscle.

One of the greatest bodybuilders of all time was Steve Reeves, and he was adamant that men should try to build their physiques to match the classical Greek ideal. In that scenario, your upper arms, calves, and neck would all measure out about the same.

There are three main components to the Reeves ideal: height, body weight, and wrist size.

The taller you are, the more you should weigh to achieve classic proportions, and the bigger your wrist circumference, the beefier your body parts should be.

As an example, a 5’10” man with 7″ wrists would weigh in at 185 pounds on the Reeves scale and would need to build his arms to around 17″.

Muscle Bellies

Of course, that would be Reeves’ ideal measurement for our example bodybuilder, if he were striving to keep his physique classically balanced. It’s possible that a motivated trainer could build bigger arms if he put more focus on them than other body parts, but 17″ is a big muscular arm.

What is more likely for most trainees is that they simply don’t have the genetics to reach these “ideal” proportions.

Aside from hard work on your training and diet, a variety of factors that you cannot control will dictate how big your arms can get. Among these are the number and types of your muscle fibers (fast-twitch v. slow-twitch), the length of your muscle bellies, and the density of your muscle cells.

Generally speaking, a man with a predominance of dense, fast-twitch muscle fibers distributed thickly from shoulder to elbow will have a much greater potential for arm size than a guy with slow-twitch fibers and short muscle bellies.

You Won’t Know Until You Try

While most lifters will never approach anything close to 20-inch arms, the beauty of bodybuilding is that you will never know how far you can go until you get there. What is certain is that you can improve on the arms you have right now, and that’s powerful motivation for anyone.

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