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How Hard Should You Workout

Your Testosterone Levels

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 10/13/2021

How Hard Should You Workout To Gain Muscle?

How Hard Should You Workout

In order to build muscle, you must force your muscles to perform maximum efforts.  This will stimulate your body to create more muscle tissue in order to deal with these types of efforts in the future.

Lifting weights that you can already handle fairly easily will not build muscle, no matter how much training you do.  To build muscle, you must literally force your muscles to grow, and to do that you must perform hard workouts with heavy weights.

Consider this example:

Let's say you are going to do a set of barbell curls for your biceps.  You grab the bar and perform the first rep with perfect form.  Since you are fresh, the first rep is pretty easy, and of course will be the easiest rep of the whole set.

As you keep going, you will start to get fatigued, and each rep will get harder and harder.  The second rep is harder than the first; the third rep is harder still, etc.

By the time you get to the seventh or 8th rep, your biceps will be burning, you will be breathing heavy, and you will be really fatigued.  But in your quest to build muscle you persist, and crank out a 9th rep, which is really hard, and a 10th rep, which is almost impossible.

Then you attempt an 11th rep, and you fail to do it.  No matter how hard you try, you are unable to complete the 11th rep.  The 10th rep is the last possible rep.

You have just performed a set of 10 reps to failure in the barbell curl.  This is the type of effort that is required to build muscle.  And I'll prove it to you now.

So to review, you did one set to failure of barbell curls.  The first rep was the easiest, each rep you did got harder and harder, the 10th rep was the hardest of all (almost impossible), and you couldn't do an 11th rep.

Here's the big question:

Which rep of that set was the most productive rep in terms of causing your body to build muscle-the first rep, the easiest; or the last rep, the hardest?

Obviously, it's not the first rep.  If it was, you could put the weight down after only one rep, not do any more, and you would still build muscle.  Naturally that doesn't work.

It's the last, hardest rep that send a signal to your body that it better build muscle fast to deal with this kind of stress in the future.  It's the rep that "flips the switch" to stimulate your body to build muscle.

Now consider this:

What if you didn't do that rep?

What if, as you got tired and uncomfortable, you decided to stop at 8 reps?  Or the program you were following told you to do 4 sets of 6 reps?

If you stopped before you did that 10th, almost impossible rep, you would never do what we just proved is the most productive rep of the whole set to build muscle, no matter how many sets you do.

Don't short change yourself.  Put in a maximum effort with each set (with perfect form of course), allow your body enough recovery, and you will build muscle fast.

High Intensity Training is designed to help you build muscle fast, with brief (but very intense) workouts only three times a week. For information on High Intensity Training see https://www.getbulky.com/high-intensity-training.html

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