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     Fitness Tips For For 5/12/2010

How Many Calories Should I Be Eating?

Finding Out How Many Calories You Should Be Eating requires
that you figure out your Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) is 
a day. You can do this by using the formula below.

TEE=Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) + Physical Activity(PA) + 
Thermal Effect of Food(TEF)

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the number of calories the 
body uses at rest. (e.g. just sleeping all day)
BMR = body weight in pounds x (11 for females or 12 for 
My BMR is my body weight, 215 lbs, x 12 (male) = 2580 

Physical Activity (PA) is how many calories above the 
BMR that we burn by our daily activity. To do this we 
use the Paffenbarger scale. This is a subjective estimate 
as to how active you are in a day.
PA = BMR x (.25 if person is sedentary or .50 if person
is active or .75 if highly active)
My PA = 2580 cal. (my BMR) x .75 (Iím highly active) = 
1935 calories/day

Thermal Effect of Food (TEF) is how many calories above the
BMR that we burn just digesting our food. This depends of 
the overall composition of your food intake.
TEF = BMR x (.05 if the diet is high in fat or .10 if the 
diet is high in carbohydrates)
My TEF = 2580 cal. (my BMR) x .10 (I eat a high carbohydrate 
diet) = 258 cal./day

Back to the original formula, TEE = BMR + PA + TEF
My TEE = 2580 cal. (my BMR) + 1935 cal. (my PA) + 258 cal. 
(my TEE) = 4773 cal./day My Total Energy Expenditure (the 
total number of calories I burn a day) = 4773 cal./day

I can go one step further to be a little more accurate. The
formula above does not take into account your % body fat. 
It assumes an "average" % of body fat. That is certainly not
the always the case. Muscle is metabolically active tissue 
and requires calories to exist. Fat, on the other hand, is 
a site for energy storage and does not require calories to 
exist. So, if a high percent of your body weight is fat 
weight, than you wouldn't need as many calories as 
calculated above.

To adjust for % body fat, have it taken by a health/fitness
professional. There are several methods of assessment that 
can be used. Plug that information into the formula below.

Adjusted % of TEE = 100% - (actual % fat - average % fat)
Average % fat = 22 % for women and 18 % for men
My Adjusted % TEE = 100% - (14%, my body fat, - 18% for 
men = negative 4%) =104%
Subtracting a negative number is the same as adding.
My TEE = 4773 cal./day x 104 % (1.04) = 4964 cal./day

My TEE adjusted for my "less than average" % body fat = 
4964 cal./day

For Fat Loss

Now that you know how many calories your body requires on
a daily basis you can modify your caloric intake to lose 
fat. All you need to do is burn more calories in a day than
you take in. So, take your TEE or your Adjusted TEE (if you 
know your % body fat) and subtract from 200 calories up to 
20% of your total Adjusted TEE. Do not reduce your intake 
more than 20%. If you restrict your calories too much you 
will slow your metabolism down and make it more difficult 
to lose fat. That's one of the problems with "diets". 
Your goal weight loss should be no more than 1% body fat 
a month.

i.e. If I wanted to lose fat this would be my reduced 
caloric intake:

My Adjusted TEE = 4964 cal./day minus 200 calories= 4764 
The maximum I can reduce my caloric intake is 20%. So, 
4964 - 20%(993) = 3971 cal./day
To lose fat I could reduce my normal caloric intake
(4964) down to 4764 - 3971 cal.

Always remember that it is easier to keep on your fat 
reduction plan if it slow and gradual. That also allows 
you to keep your metabolism high.

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How Many Calories Should I Be Eating?

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