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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 11/22/2017

How Much ya Bench?

The bench press is the "big dog" of upper body training. And it also works as a measure of strength and power. The bench press is used by the NFL as a strength test and it is a tool you can use to find out if your strength is increasing.

And many people do - guys, and increasingly, gals, know how much they bench. They might not remember the best curl or row, but almost everyone knows their best bench press number, as well as what they can bench today (those numbers, incidentally, are not always the same).

And sometimes people get stuck on their best bench number. So how do you go about moving that number higher? Start with the rep range. Most power and strength programs that see the most gains come from a training approach that puts the repetition range in the 3-5 box. Get in several working sets in this range (3-5 sets).

The key here is to use substantially heavy weight - an amount heavy enough that you really have to work hard on the final couple of reps.

You can add one more technique to move ahead as well. After performing a couple of these heavy sets, you lighten the weight load by about 10 percent, and perform some explosive higher rep bench presses (6-10 reps).

Over time, move up the weight load in both the heavier set and the lighter set. Over time, the use of the mix of heavy low rep and the lighter, explosive high rep match will move up your bench press numbers impressively.

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