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     Fitness Tips For 4/6/2016

How to Change Your Body Fat Set Point

Although many use the calorie count to change their body fat, there is a theory that the key element is your body fat set point. And this means you need to target the hormones involved to attack fat. In other words you are training the brain and hormones to go to work in a certain way and a certain point. The body is constantly changing and what you eat matters. But you can train your body to be insensitive to its hormones by eating junk food or too much of the wrong food all the time, or by not exercising. Leptin Resistance The hormone leptin plays a key role in this process in the body. If you develop a resistance to leptin, it means you will store more fat and being more hungry so you will eat more food being. Due to leptins relationship with insulin, if you have leptin resistance, then you will also have insulin resistance. So, we make a mistake when we decide we need to drop some weight. We count out our total daily calories and lower that by 500 calories a day, just the way your read about all the time. But as a response to the lowered calorie intake your body causes your leptin levels to dive. This, again, will increase your hunger, eating and fat storage. Studies have shown that Overeating of palatable food that is high in fats and sugars is associated with blunted leptin and ghrelin "hunger hormone" responses. So if you want to reset your body fat set point, you want to get leptin going again. So How Do You Do This? We can eat a diet high in nutrientdence fruits, vegetables, and quality protein, such as grass-fed meat, fish, and eggs. Making sure that protein makes up at least 30% of your daily calories can decrease caloric intake and may increase systemic leptin sensitivity. So there you have it. You need to take at least 30 percent of your caloric intake in protein, (and if you are lifting weights, even more than that), to have nutrient dence foods, and to avoid those palatable foods (such as simple sugars) that wipe out your leptin's activities. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
How to Change Your Body Fat Set Point

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