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     Fitness Tips For 7/25/2012

How To Do One Arm Chin Ups

By Mike Thiga

It might sound ridiculous that one can do actual sets of one arm 
pull ups when you start doing pull ups for the first time and cannot
even complete one full rep with both arms. But the truth is that 
this is one of the extremely advanced techniques that is used to 
gain upper body strength and mass.

In fact research done on this subject shows that this technique is 
so advanced that only one in every 100,000 people who workout will 
get to the point of been able to do sets and reps with one arm pull 
ups. If you are prepared to put in the hard work, just like anything 
in life, you will soon see the rewards.

To get to the point of this article which is how to do, or rather 
how to start doing one arm chin ups? The first thing that you have
to start off with is doing full stretch, full hanging chin ups with
both hands. Before you even start doing one arm pull ups you should
be able to do 20 reps of normal chin ups.

This is the starting point which can take a few months to reach if 
you spend some time on it and make sure that you develop the pull up
technique doing full range of movement. The next step is using a 
training belt or a rope with knots in every 6 inches and hangs from 
your chinning bar.

You then hold the grip on the bar with one hand and hold the rope 
or belt hanging from the bar with the other hand. Then doing no more
than 5 chins with only half an inch from full extension using your 
one hand on the rope and the one hand solidly placed on the chinning 

You advance by simply lowering your hand on the belt or rope so that
you are using less and less of your hand on the rope to lift your 
bodyweight. The lower your hand goes on the rope/belt the less 
muscle you will be using to raise yourself to the chinning bar.

The next step is negatives which you start off doing by starting 
with a normal chin using both hands to lift yourself up to where 
your arms are 90 degrees, then release one hand and hang. If 
possible try and raise yourself up at first but this will not be 
happening when you first start.

From there you will then be lowering yourself and trying to stop or
slow down the negative as your arm straightens out. An effective 
way of doing negatives is by making three points at which you try 
to stop moving with the last point being just before full extension.

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How To Do One Arm Chin Ups

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