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     Fitness Tips For 9/19/2012

How to Get Big Triceps

Triceps are the major part of your upper arm and are more than two 
thirds the size of your arm so it is without a doubt a very important
set of muscles to train in order to get bigger arms.

Doing triceps once a week is not going to help you need to train them
to the point of failure at least twice a week with a minimum of 48 
hours rest between workouts.

The triceps are directly stressed whenever you do any pushing 
movements so it is important to train your triceps after you have 
completed the chest and other pushing movements like dumbbell flys 
and shoulder press, military press, dumbbell press etc.

But if when doing you're training you see that the size of your 
triceps are not improving then you should do triceps on their own or
on a day when you can train triceps at the beginning of your 
workouts. Obviously this will mean that you can lift a heavier weight
and you will put on muscle fast as a result.

When doing triceps exercises you should start off with heavy 
movements like triceps extensions and close-grip bench press. This 
will mean that you will be using the larger portion of the three 
muscles that make up the triceps before you start to isolate the 
specific heads.

Doing movements like rope pushdowns or triceps pushdowns will be 
working the end of the lateral head of your triceps and should be 
done after you have gone heavy and reached the point of failure. 
The same can be said for doing bodyweight triceps movements like 

Although doing something like dips can be done using more than your 
bodyweight by adding a weight on your lap and reaching full extension
or going down as low as you can. One can also reach failure doing 
dips very effectively and this will help build muscle without a 

It should also be added here that genetics have a lot to do with the 
specific size of your triceps. This means that if you genetically have 
a weak set of triceps that you will need to spend some extra effort 
in getting them up to par with the rest of your overall muscle 

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How to Get Big Triceps

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