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     Fitness Tips For For 3/30/2011

How To Get Leaner

1. Make your last meal the smallest - there is a tendency to want to
binge-eat during the late night hours especially as we unwind in 
front of the television and the computer.  Rats given the same amount
of calories a day increased their weight by 48% simply by eating 
large final meals late at night. 

2. Move for thirty consecutive minutes a day - Any extra calories 
burned adds up and experts at the CDC and National Institute of Health 
(USA) recommends that every adult should engage in 30 minutes or more 
of moderate-intensity physical activity every day of the week. One of 
the ways in which individuals can meet this standard is to walk 2 
miles briskly (about 4 miles/hr). If this is too fast, choose a more 
comfortable pace. 

3. Don't expect miracles - One pound of fat is equivalent of about 
3,500 calories. To burn that amount of calories you need to make 
a small calorie deficit every day that adds up over a period of time
whilst also including building some muscle mass to improve the way 
the body metabolizes fat. This does not happen overnight. If it 
does, you’re probably just losing water weight, which is not healthy
for overall bodily functions. The average fat loss someone should 
expect is roughly 1-3 pounds a week depending on how overweight 
the individual is. Anymore than that is not healthy. Fat is not 
gained overnight, and cannot be lost overnight.  

4. Know what chemicals are in your food - Most people don't 
understand that vegetable oil is a chemical and there is no such 
thing as a canola plant. These and other chemicals such as 
preservatives, additives and flavor enhancers such as high fructose
corn syrup can lead to fat gain. The bottom line is eat natural 

5. Do not think that lifting light weights with high reps will make
you lean - Muscle, once the fat is stripped away, looks like muscle. 
The lactic acid burn one receives from high repetitions is not fat 
magically melting away but the body’s acidic. Most people abdominals
are hidden by a layer of fat and it is through correct eating combined
with strength training and cardiovascular exercise that will bring out 
your six-pack abs.

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How To Get Leaner

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