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Maximum Pump Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 12/27/2017

How to Get a Maximum Muscle Pump

Building maximum muscle pump is a path to more growth because where there is blood, and lots of blood, there is growth. Blood brings the elements to the muscle it needs to grow. And the bigger the pump, the more growth that can take place. So maximum pump translates into more muscle. A lot more muscle.

Stay Focused

The ultimate tool in being able to build up a maximum pump in your muscles is beyond a doubt the ability to focus. Unless you can focus you cannot maximize your pump capability. Zeroing in on the muscle being worked makes all the difference. Focus everything you have on the reps, each rep, and you can create a monster pump.

Work Fast

Mr. Olympia Larry Scott pointed out that he wanted to get the biggest pump in the shortest amount of time. That's a great rule of thumb for the pump - make it fast. In fact slowness detracts from the pump. You want to get things going fast, and get it over with fast. So move along through the sets at a rapid clip.

Keep Motivated

Motivation is a powerful pillar in promoting the pump. The more mentally pumped up you are, the more physically pumped you can make your muscles. The truth is that the pump starts in the mind. You decided before you ever enter the gym how much you are going to put in to getting the pump. And if you stay motivated, you can push the edge with a big pump for the muscles you are targeting.

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