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     Fitness Tips For 1/30/2013

How To Get Swole Arms

If you want to rapidly increase the size of your biceps here are a 
few pointers that have proven themselves to be effective. There is 
no doubt about it that this new way to lift a weight will benefit 
any specific muscle group that you train like this but your most 
isolated and best result will come from training biceps.

It all has to do with the isolation of contractible muscles and is 
called "Biometrics" designed to get full contraction and release of
the muscles causing a lasting burn. Probably the best part of 
training like this is that it will reduce the lactic acid build up 
due to lifting less weight pulling on your muscles.

The result is that you get a minimum amount of muscle soreness the 
next day and your growth will be completely unimpeded by lactic acid 
build up. It goes without saying that training like this will cause 
an incredible "pump' in your arms which according to Arnold is 
better than sex.

The first thing you need to know is to concentrate on avoiding 
momentum completely and lift the weight slowly up and slowly down. 
You need to make sure that you are specifically concentrating on 
the tension so no lock out at the bottom and no resting at the top.

Your bicep attaches at two points: your shoulder and your elbow 
joint (obviously the opposite side of the elbow and the part of your 
shoulder closest to your armpit). Instead of moving the weight, 
think about pulling those two points together.

There would be absolutely no resting from the start to the finish 
as you will be concentrating on maximizing the tension and 
contracting the muscle as hard as you can. The trick to start 
learning this technique is to contract the muscle just by holding
the weight without even moving it to feel the burn.

You should hold the weight at the top for a second before you start
the slow, down movement as you begin the eccentric contraction 
against gravity. When you start you will probably only be able to 
do 4 or 5 reps using this method. 

This technique can be applied to any muscle group as mentioned 

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How To Get Swole Arms

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