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Keep Your Waist Small

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 11/29/2017

How to Keep Your Waist Small while Bulking

Can you really keep your waist small during a bulking cycle? Yes, but you have to go about it the right way. By focusing on a few factors you can greatly improve your ability to stay lean while you make your muscles massive.

Simply milk

The first factor is quite simple - rely on milk as your prime dietary tool for bulking up. This provides some unique advantages. Due to its insulin action, milk is quite anabolic and will really make the muscles grow. Better yet, milk has an element in it which prevents the body from becoming fat.

There is a natural ingredient found in milk can protect against obesity. The element is nicotinamide riboside and it helps the body keep from gaining fat. So milk has an anti-obesity factor built in, naturally. So if you use milk as your main food for bulking up, that bulk won't be fat but rather muscle.

Keep up the cardio

Many guys who go into a bulking phase toss the cardio/aerobic training out the door. That's a mistake because cardio/aerobic actually helps the muscles grow. And cardio/aerobic also keeps the mid-section lean. Don't make the common mistake of ceasing cardio work in a bulking cycle. Don't overdo it, but do include cardio as part of your training effort.


Guys who bulk up often allow more freedom in what they eat. Don't let this turn into a sugar fest. Avoid sugars as they quickly turn into fat. Something every now and then won't hurt, but avoid getting too much of sweet things.

Ab vacuum

When you bulk up you don't want to have to spend much time and effort on your waist. But don't forgo the waist altogether. One way to stay in touch with a minimal time requirement is to simply perform the ab vacuum a few times a day. The ab vacuum only takes a few seconds so it won't tie up your time. You simply bend over and vacuum your waist up, holding it for a few seconds. This will also help you stay in touch with your waist as you bulk up.

Your waist matters, even when you bulk up. By focusing on a few key factors such as employing milk as your main dietary tool, you can keep a lean waist while getting that bulk in the right places.

Keep working the waist muscles - will inspire you to remember the waist.

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