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How To Measure Fat Percentage

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 2/17/2021

Methods Of Determining Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat Percentage Chart

If you want to measure the percent of body fat, then there are several methods for doing this.

1. Underwater weighing method - Probably the most expensive. You have to find a place where they perform this measurement. They immerse you in a tank of water and measure water displacements to calculate your percent of body fat.

2. Calipers - you pinch certain areas of the body with calipers and then calculate your body fat based on your measurements. You can buy calipers at large health food stores. Prices for calipers can run from less than $60 up to several hundred depending on the quality of the calipers (e.g. plastic vs. steel). You may need assistance from someone else since you may have to pinch some place that you cannot easily reach.

3. BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) - These devices send a small current through the body and calculate your body fat based on height, weight and the speed at which the current passes through your body.
Tanita makes an electronic scale which provides both your weight and percent of body fat. There are other BIA devices besides the Tanita scale.

4. BMI (Body Mass Index) - is a calculation that uses your weight (in Kilograms) divided by your (height x height) (in meters). This number does not take into account your body type; but is supposed to correlate close to your percent of body fat for the general populace. However, this method is not accurate for weightlifters who in general have a higher mass of muscle and a lower percentage of body fat.

Weight/(height x height) where weight is in Kg and height is in meters.

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