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How To Overcome Exercise Fatigue

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 1/25/2023

Exercise Fatigue Taking It's Toll On You? Find Out The Root Causes And Best Steps To Over Coming It.

Exercise fatigue came up when I was talking with a friend who is a certified nutritionist this past week. I have never really heard the term "exercise fatigue" before and thought much about it. To me it was common sense that if you bust your butt in your workout that you will be tired, seems logical right? But after talking with my friend I have an entirely new understanding of exercise fatigue. It is one thing to feel spent but good after a workout, but it is entirely different to feel severe fatigue during and after the workout. These little signs point to a few underlying conditions that many people may have, but are vague enough to not be able to put the pieces together to notice something is off with how their body functions.

What Do Exercise Fatigue Sufferers With?

Exercise fatigue is essentially when either during or after a workout you are totally spent. No energy, the workout seemingly did more harm than good, and you have zero energy to do anything else. This closely resembles how people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome feel. Their fatigue is more intensified after their workouts than it is during the day. So why does this happen? Well there are multiple reasons, but my friend let me in on a few of them that are straight forward and logical.

Some Root Causes of Exercise Fatigue

The first cause that needs to be addressed for exercise fatigue is lack of sleep. This is very rudimentary, but a lack of sleep has a rippling impact on your entire body which pushes it into a stressful state. My friend told me that your body repairs mainly at night, and if you are up past midnight that your body is unable to repair and rejuvenate to an optimal level. He also said that people need to get in bed by 10 P.M. to help the repair process.

The second cause to look into for exercise fatigue is food intake. If someone has poor nutrition or is depleted in caloric intake, they are basically functioning on fumes. Without good nutrition, the body lacks fuel. No fuel leads to faster more dramatic burn out. Exercise exponentially will increase the burn out.

The Third cause of exercise fatigue we discussed was adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal glands are in basic terms your stress glands. They house many hormones such as DHEA, Cortisol, adrenaline, and so on. Even though exercise is great for your health it is still stress on the body. If you adrenal glands are burnt out, then they cannot combat the stress which influences your entire body and causes many different health problems.

Some other causes of exercise fatigue we talked about was a hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, heart complications, diabetes, statin medications, and a few others. I wish I could uncover the main reason for exercise fatigue, but as you can see there are many moving parts. Just know that if you are experiencing exercise fatigue, there is a reason for it. Although I strongly advocate working out, sometimes it can actually cause excess amounts of stress your body plainly cannot handle. Try and eat a well balanced diet, get quality sleep, and see a health care professional if you are dealing with exercise fatigue or any other vague symptoms. Exercise fatigue is real, but a symptom of an underlying problem.

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