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Hunger vs Appetite

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 7/4/2018

What is the Difference Between Hunger and Appetite?

Do you know the difference between hunger and appetite? Feeling "full" should not be your goal. You should feel slightly hungry after eating. Eating smaller meals will make you feel satisfied without feeling bloated. Switching to a lower fat diet and eating just the right amount will give you a leaner, lighter feeling. The "full" feeling you previously associated with a satisfying meal will change to a slightly hungry feeling after finishing a meal. Your stomach will signal the brain that it's full twenty minutes later and your energy level will be much higher.

Most people make a big mistake by not eating for many hours between meals. Eating smaller meals requires you to eat more often. Eat every 2 or 3 hours. Bring a survival kit with you to work. Have nutritious snacks such as fruits, whole grain breads, sandwiches or sliced carrots and veggies with low fat dressing.

Concentration and productivity will be higher when you eat every few hours starting with breakfast. Mind and body function much better when they receive a steady source of energy.

Many folks complain that they lack will-power. The truth is, you will never suddenly get will-power. Planning your meal schedule and preparing certain foods in advance will make you lose fat.

We're not trying to over-simplify the task of losing weight but many people ignore the planning and preparation phase. They go to work, skipping meals and lose will-power by midday. Unfortunately, they eat all the wrong foods in the afternoon then try to compensate by not eating dinner. When dinner-time arrives, slight hunger turns into ravenous hunger which leads to bingeing. This creates a vicious cycle of despair and disappointment. Many turn to weight loss dietary supplements only to suffer more disappointment.

Learn to identify the degrees of hunger. Slight hunger is good but starving is disastrous and leads to bingeing. Most people cycle between starving and bingeing. They skip breakfast or substitute sugary junk food for breakfast. Their blood sugar soars for several hours then crashes. This brings on ravenous hunger that is detrimental to their diet. Mentally unable to focus, they run to the local vending machines for a sugary snack, which sends blood sugar soaring once more. Blood sugar level crashes again, leaving the person feeling guilty and very hungry.

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