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Andro Shock Results

"I have been working out for almost 4 years and I have tried 
everything: creatine, protein shakes, and a lot of other 
supplements; but nothing has compared to Andro Shock. I was
at first skeptical if Andro Shock was as good as I had heard.
And I have to tell you; I have seen tremendous gains in the gym.
From using Andro Shock, the effects that I noticed were fast 
muscle gains and increased libido. I gained 15 lbs on my 
bench press in 4 weeks, and I has a greater sense of well 
being. My libido was outstanding and my confidence grew a lot. 
It has given me everything I expected and more. I will 
definitely buy more Andro Shock in the future."


John Harris

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     Fitness Tips For 6/17/2015

Overcoming Strength Plateaus

How to Keep Increasing Strength It's always tough to get stuck on a plateau, where you train and train and don't see any gains. There are a couple of tricks you can put into play to make headway on your strength. Rep by Rep The first thing you can do is to change your focus to a single rep. That means getting one more rep up. You build your strength rep by rep. It may take you a week, two weeks, or more, to get that extra rep. But that rep is the key because it means you have gained in strength. Strength gains come by poundage and by reps, but before those gains come via poundage they have to get their rep by rep. Too many people get too anxious to move ahead and try to jack up the poundage too soon. This can lead to failure or injury or a nasty combination of both. Moving up rep by rep may take awhile but you can build a solid base of power to push off that plateau and attain a new level of strength. 1 Pound Gain Another trick to move ahead is to increase the weight load with very small plates. By adding 1/2 pound plates to each side of the bar you can employ a weight you can get up, and lift a slightly heavier weight load. You can ratchet up the poundage consistently by using these smaller weight plates. More Fuel Another trick is to add more fuel to your efforts. And this is accomplished by adding another gallon of milk to your weekly intake. This will provide you with extra protein, fat and carbs to facilitate the growth of your strength. Go to The Growth Zone: Build Muscle Strength and Size Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Overcoming Strength Plateaus

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