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Intense Forearm Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/7/2019

How to Use HIT to Build Freaky Forearms

Forearms are one of the few muscle groups that most bodybuilders never even think about, let alone bother to train directly.

And the truth is that most of us can get away with that neglect to some extent because forearms come into play with just about every exercise we do.

Still, if you want to develop your forearms to max, you need to target them like any other muscle group. Here’s how high-intensity training can help.

Train Your Flexors

The anterior portion of your forearm, or the part on the same side as your palm, is responsible for curling your hands toward your elbows. Those flexor muscles run from your wrist and bulge out (hopefully!) closer to the crook in your arm.

The best exercise to hit these muscles is the wrist curl.

Grab a a light barbell and sit leaned forward on a flat bench with your forearms ON the bench, palms up. With your wrists at the end of the bench and your hands hanging over the edge, lower the bar by bending your wrist backwards toward the floor. At the bottom, smoothly change directions and slowly “curl” the weight back up as high as you can without moving your forearms and flexing only at the wrist.

Train Your Extensors

The other major action of the forearms is to move the backs of your hands toward your shoulders. Think of holding your hands on a keyboard and then lifting them to wave at someone without moving your forearms.

To train this extensor action, you can use the reverse wrist curl, which is nearly identical to the regular wrist curl, except you begin with your palms down instead of up.

Hit the “Brakes”

One aspect of forearms that is often overlooked is their role in helping flex your arms at the elbows, as you normally see in barbell curls.

The brachioradialis is a thick band of muscle that attaches on the outside of the forearm and runs across the elbow to also attach to the upper arm. It works with the brachialis on the upper arm to complete a curling action when your palms are neutral or pronated — facing down.

The best exercises for hitting this complex of muscles are reverse curls and hammer curls. Reverse curls are just like barbell curls, except you keep your palms facing down.

Hammer curls are like dumbbell curls, except you hold the DBs in a vertical orientation rather than parallel to the floor.

Train with Intensity

No matter which of these exercises you’re working, you have to hit it HARD if you want to make gains. Take each set to momentary muscular failure and do just one set of each exercise. If you’re training with a full-body routine, you will probably only need ONE of these moves at any given time.

Train progressively by adding weight or reps at each workout, keep your form tight, and get plenty of rest. Then you’ll be well on your way toward turning your pipe cleaners into Popeye guns!

Want Even More HIT Information?

If you want to learn ALL about high-intensity training to figure out if it’s the right approach for you, be sure to check out https://www.getbulky.com/high-intensity-training.html.

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