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     Fitness Tips For 1/28/2015

Your Intensity Threshold

by Donnie Whetstone Intensity is the active ingredient in all exercises. Yet intensity alone is only part of the equation. Consistency is another element that is needed. The two make an unbeatable pair in getting the quickest adaptive response from the body. Now this is not indigenous to just bodybuilders who are no strangers to this concept. The general public has a lot to gain from it. This is evident with the medical community acknowledging the benefits of intensity in training. As a Certified Personal Trainer it's the base of my business, providing consistent, intense workouts for my clients. However, here is where it get tricky. Not everyone has the same intensity threshold. There are a number of factors that can affect a person's intensity threshold. Some are controllable like diet and lifestyle. Some are not like injuries, age and hereditary conditions like hypertension are a few. This does not mean all is lost. It means it will take longer to accomplish the goal. The consistent intense workouts that I do are the primary reason why I eat well all year around. Of course I don't walk around with a chastity belt around my mouth but I do keep the eating in perspective. With intense training there is a definite correlation between performance in the gym and activity out of the gym. When clients experience this, then the need for a lifestyle change is realized. The amount of intensity needed in a workout depends on how far and fast an individual wants to go. Competitive bodybuilding is the extreme side of the spectrum. Holding the cliché "Drastic results require drastic means". Fortunately extremes are not necessary for the general public to get intensity in their workouts. During the course of a workout I get and keep my clients in an area I refer to as the zone. It's an area outside of their comfort zone and yet they are still able to efficiently complete their workout. How far a client can train efficiently in this zone is their intensity threshold. The second catch is the consistency. Which means if a client trains with me 3 days a week for 30 sessions, then their subsequent workouts must be as intense or a bit more intense that the previous for the entire 30 sessions. The body then adapts to the consistent stress imposed on it which brings about change. There are a number of ways to add more intensity to a workout that is lacking it. The most basic is to increase the weight of an exercise. I love heavy weights but heavy is not a prerequisite for increasing intensity which is a common misconception. Rule of thumb when I'm with clients is moderate poundage. Challenging but manageable. Another way to increase the intensity is by increasing the rep or set range, still using moderate poundage. This is an excellent method of heating things up a bit. Speed is also effective. Not in terms of rep speed but rest between sets. Then there are the ATP's, Advanced Training Principles. Superset, tri-sets, compound sets, force reps, negatives, continuous tension, rest pause (my favorite) and a slew of others I will talk about in the future. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Your Intensity Threshold

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