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Jump Squats Benefits

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 9/2/2020

Jump Squats - A Must Do Exercise

Jump Squats

Jump squats are great at helping strengthen, tone, and increase lean muscle on your legs.  To be honest, I use to never workout my legs.  I actually avoided it like the plague many years ago.  But as I really began to dial in on getting into to premier shape, I knew there was no way I could neglect my legs any longer.   I began working my legs out the more traditional way early on.  I use to do barbell squats, leg presses, etc.  Then as I began to focus more on bodyweight workouts, other forms of leg routines became the focal point on strengthening my legs.

Jump Squats are a perfect way to really strengthen your legs for any type of sport

Jump squats, jump training,and any explosive jump movements are usually present in any sports training.  Basketball would more than likely lead the pack here, but every other sport does incorporate squat jumps and the like into the training program.  After I began focusing on jump squats, jump squats with weights, and other explosive leg exercises, my vertical and cardio increased dramatically.  The reason my cardio increased is because I would do three or four different types of jump squats in a row.   This really burned my legs and also helped with my cardio strength.

So how do you do jump squats?

Instead of writing in detail on how to do a good jump squat, watch the video below.  The main points are to perform a normal squat, then as you rise jump in the air as high as you can.  Make sure when you land you are landing on the balls of your feet first, not flat footed or landing on your heal after you do jump squats.  This will help prevent injury.

[You get the idea pretty quick on how to do jump squats, be sure to watch the feet - that is how you want to land.]

You should always warm your legs up before you start doing jump squats.  Believe me, I have learned the hard way.  If you are tight and your muscles are cold it is more than likely you will tweak or pull something in your legs.

Once you have got the hand of jump squats you should increase the intensity.  Do one legged jump squats, use a weight vest with your jump squats, grab a pair of dumbbells and do jump squats with those.  You can even use a barbell with weights and do jump squats.   My jump squats routine is basic and highly effective.  Here is a sample of a 10 minute leg workout;

Perform 25 regular bodyweight squats to warm up the legs

Perform 25 jump squats with medium intensity

Perform 15 one legged jump squats with medium intensity

Perform 20 jump squats with either a 20lb weighted vest or two 25lb dumbbells

I repeat this three times, each time I increase the intensity so my last round is all out 100% intensity.  This is fast and effective.  Give this a try and let me know how it goes.  Jump Squats should be in your workout routines at some point during the week.

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