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Ketosis Diet Pros and Cons

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 10/17/2018

Pros and Cons of Keto Diet for Bodybuilding

There's certainly nothing new about ketogenic diets or ketosis diets for bodybuilders, also based on exactly the same physiological assumptions as the Atkins Diet, The Banting Diet and a few other well-advertised diets that help you lose fat fast.

Whenever you cut carbs from your daily diet your body still needs energy to survive so its first resort is to start breaking down its own muscle fiber just to get the energy to maintain itself. However, if you're eating plenty of protein your body somehow realizes that it needs to protect what it's got and rather use your stored fat as energy.

Reducing carbs to below your energy requirements in any form is called a ketogenic diet, which is able to trick your own body into thinking that it's actually starving. It then slowly starts to realize that you're eating enough protein and fat to keep you satiated, protecting your muscles.

It's based on very scientific evidence that you use yourself by testing your urine with a ketone test strip, this then tells you that when you're producing ketones your body is releasing its stored fat in order to fuel activity.

The ketogenic diet is actually quite easy to implement, all you need is willpower. You eat foods like meat, fish, cheese, saturated fats and oils and some very low carb vegetable proteins like spinach or Tofu or lentils and beans. You need to stay far away from any processed foods, simple sugars, grains and even certain fruits.

The problem is that you cannot eat carbs if you're ketotic and you want to remain so, even if you have one high carb day your ketosis will stop and you will be burning precious muscle for energy and not fat. You get to feel when you're ketotic, which is easy to check with ketone sticks. The faster you reach ketosis the better so you need to be very strict in the first 4 days.

The nice part about the ketosis diet is that you don't get hungry because you're eating a similar amount of calories that you were eating before, but now it's mainly protein. After reaching ketosis you can add veggies like broccoli and other greens. A big advantage is that your energy when you need it most for some high energy workouts will be there.

Probably the downside of the ketosis diet is that you need to cut out milk, you can still have any other non-carb dairy like cheese or butter but no milk. On the upside is that this diet will probably help you lose more fat faster than you ever have. There are professional bodybuilders that use the ketogenic or ketosis diet to determine whether their diet has been successful or not.

Bacon and eggs

Cheddar cheese and some no-carb deli meat

Salmon with avocado (or mayo and chicken)

Whey protein powder, creatine, with some BCAAs, and glutamine

Whey protein powder mix, creatine, with some BCAAs, and glutamine

Flank steak with olive oil and spinach

2 boiled eggs with some turkey (or some casein protein)

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