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Nitrobol Review

If I could sum up my experience with Nitrobol in one word all I 
would say, GAINS!

This product got me better lean results than any other supplement 
I have ever tried. The energy I got before my workouts with the 
very first workout until the end of my two bottles only got stronger
and more noticeable, I felt like the incredibly lean hulk :) I took 
my bench press from a PR of 225 for 5 to 225 pounds for 16. My squat
rose from 225 pounds for 8 to 225 for 15! The only complaint I have 
about this product would be that I don't have an lifetime supply. 
I went from 215 at 23% bodyfat to 200.8 at 12% bodyfat in 2 months
and with this product the sky is the limit.

Taylor Valentine
18 year old bodybuilder

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     Fitness Tips For 10/15/2014

How to Build Killer Calves

Are you one of those guys who tend to neglect your calves? For many people the calves tend to get the leftovers in a workout, and often are simply skipped. However, the calves hold the key to your lower body’s appearance. Arnold once noted that if someone has great thighs and poor calves, people say they have poor legs. But if they have average thighs and great calves, people say the legs look great. Calves do play a big role in the lower body but you have to work to get them built up. Arnold certainly did, taking what were a poor pair of calves and making them into one of the top pairs in the world (if you watched his movie "Twins" with Danny DeVito, you saw the calves prominently featured). Priority Arnold turned his calf development around by making them a priority. Only when you make your calf training a top priority will you start to gain ground. Give your calves the first energy, the hot blood pump, of the early part of the training session instead of delaying the training until you are too tired to put out much push into the workout. Switch your routine up so that the calves come first in your leg session, not last. Slow & Fast Most people train their calves with a moderate speed – moving up and down in almost a trance. To shock your calves, switch to the margins of speed. The outer margins, that is. Perform a few sets with extremely slow movement, almost a slow motion pace. Going slow will create a very deep burn in your calf muscles and it will come quickly. Follow up the slow sets with some explosive calf motion. Blow the weight up, using the speed of your already burning calves. They will burn more, which means they will grow. Match the fast action calf work with the slow. That is, if you performed four sets of the slow stuff, match it with four sets of the fast reps. Go Deep One of the most important elements in good calf training is to go deep – a super deep range of motion at both ends of the repetition. Don’t pump out partials – the calves are not a partial muscle but a full muscle and need to be given a wide range to grow best. With this in mind, stretch the calves before you work out, during the workout, and after the workout. Make them very familiar with that wide range of motion action that is required to reach all of their potential. Go Heavy The calves are interesting in that they are small muscles that can lift heavy weight loads. Very heavy weight loads. The calves need more of a challenge than most muscles their size, and the more you challenge them with heavy loads, the bigger they grow. Go Solo You can give the calves some great work by performing single leg calf raises. The calf muscle has to carry your entire body load – twice its normal task. Go really deep on the down stroke, and then get a full extension at the top, and perform lots of reps. Perform 20-25 reps per set. And when that becomes easy, grab a big dumbbell and give the calf a new challenge, having to lift your body plus the heavy dumbbell, all by itself. And in turn it will grow and grow. And then grab an even bigger dumbbell and do it again. Variety is the Spice of Calf Training Use a variety of calf training tools such as the calf machine, the seated calf machine, the leg press (push out the load with your toes) and the standing single leg calf raise to fire your calves up to the max. The calves thrive on intensity so give it to them with various training forms. And be consistent. Don’t just hit them a couple of weeks and drop out. Stick with the priority approach until your calves gain some serious ground. Perform your calf training a minimum of twice a week and even try to go beyond that to a 3-4 workouts a week approach. Make your calves matter in your workout and the muscles will respond. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
How to Build Killer Calves

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