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     Fitness Tips For 11/7/2012

Lactic Acid Training

What is lactate threshold training?

by Lester Maurice 
Author of The Matrix Mass Training System

For over a hundred years doctors believed that lactate was bad for 
your muscles and needed to be avoided at all costs. But since lactic
acid was discovered in the 18th century sports scientists have now 
discovered that there is a way that you can benefit from this 
by-product of energy called lactic acid.

In each microscopic cell in your body when energy is needed it 
requires the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This ATP 
gives muscle cells the ability to contract and propel you toward the 
finish line. While your muscles are using ATP, other chemical 
reactions are making more ATP so that your muscles won't run out of 

The body stores energy automatically in substances like fat and 
glucose. Chemical reactions break down those substances to release 
ATP which your body uses to produce energy and propel you forward. 
So the question is what is your lactic threshold and how can you 
make it work for you.

Your body produces lactate every time you use your muscles, and the 
lactate in your blood usually stays at a pretty steady level. During
intense exercise, though, lactate builds up faster than it can be 
flushed out of your blood - this is your lactate threshold. When you 
cross your lactate threshold, you feel tired, and you feel a burn in
your muscles.

But Sports physiologists and sports scientists have learned that 
your lactate threshold can be raised with proper training. Athletes
can teach their bodies to use lactate more efficiently, so it takes 
longer to build up in their blood. Runners who raise their lactate 
threshold can pick up their pace and get to the finish line quicker.

It all has to do with intensity because when you are exercising at 
an easy pace your body is able to use your fat stores as energy. But 
the catch is that the process of turning fat into energy is not very 
fast and it takes lots of oxygen. So it is only when you are training 
with a high intensity that you start to produce lactic acid.

So to put it all in a nut-shell when you're working at your maximum 
capacity and your muscles are producing lots of lactate, you will get
to your lactate threshold. You know what it feels like, but experts 
disagree on the details. Scientists used to think that lactate 
caused muscle fatigue, but now they aren't so sure - some scientists
think the "I can't move another inch" feeling might be caused by 
other substances that are released around the same time.

No one is really sure exactly what causes the burn either, but 
lactate is part of the picture. One thing trainers agree on is that
when you train hard enough to push your lactate threshold higher, 
you woirk harder, get more reps, etc. That is the goal of lactate 
threshold training.

The same can be applied to any type of training that you do whether 
it is running or weight training. The trick in increasing your 
lactic threshold is something we have known for a long time and that
is intensity. Intense training will teach you about yourself, your 
capability and your thresholds.

About the Author

Lester Maurice is the head of Matrix Systems a consulting group of 
personal trainers specializing in bodybuilding and fitness 
development located throughout Southern California. 

His new book "The Matrix Mass System" contains proven scientific 
methods to help you reach your full genetic potential in muscular 

For full details go to Matrix Mass Workout Manual

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Lactic Acid Training

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