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     Fitness Tips For 12/23/2015

Avoid These Leg Training Mistakes

Training the legs is crucial to the development of your body so you don't want to go astray by making some fundamental training mistakes. Here are a few mistakes to avoid. Leg Press Heavy Many guys center their leg training around the leg press. The leg press should never replace the squat but only be employed as a supporting tool to the squat, not a replacement. The squat works the entire region as a unit and the leg press does not, so this means the leg press leaves some areas lacking development. Lack of Depth Another common mistake made when training the legs is to not squat deep enough. If you watch people squat, they often only dip down partially, to roughly a half squat point. This is a mistake because squatting all the way down builds more muscle as well as prevents injury in the knee area. Overlooking the Extension Some people forgo the leg extension in their training but the leg extension works the leg in ways that other exercises don't. It strengthens the knee area in critical ways so that that knee action tracks better with other exercises. Single Style Hamstring Approach A mistake is made in the training of the hamstrings by using only one type of exercise. Some people employ the leg curl as their hamstring exercise. Others employ the stiff leg dead lift. The real way to develop the hamstrings is to do both. Only by doing both exercise styles will you fully reach all the hamstring muscles. Calves The main people make with the calves is either not training them enough or training them too much when they do train them. Calves need to be trained consistently but an extreme overload can be too much. Be consistent with the calves but donít go too high on the volume. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Avoid These Leg Training Mistakes

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