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Lose Fat Without Starving

Get Lean Quick 14 Day Fat Loss Kit

I finished my two week "Get Lean Quick" program. My first week I lost 15 lbs, second week 10 lbs, a total 25 lb loss. I was 220 lbs and went to 195 lbs, I am 58 yrs 5' 10" tall. The program was very easy to follow, and I did not have to starve myself. Thanks for your help and guidance, you have always taken the time to answer all my emails. I will continue to keep the fat off. This program has taught me important info on nutrition and exercise.

Thank you!

Mike G.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 10/30/2019

These 4 Tricks Can Help You Lose Fat Without Starving

You know that you need to lose fat and get lean if you want to display a truly impressive physique, because blubber can ruin the visual appeal of even the most muscular bodies. But there is one enemy in the fight to lose fat that can stop just about anyone in their tracks: hunger.

Luckily, there are some tricks you can use to help curb your hunger and move toward a leaner body without suffering as much as you may fear.

Here are four tips to help you lose fat without starving.

Eat More Fiber

Fiber provides bulk to your diet and helps you feel full longer. Not only that, but fiber slows your digestion, which gives your body more of an chance to absorb the nutrients that you take in, so you should experience less cravings than you would if you were malnourished to any extent. The US recommended daily allowance (RDA) for fiber is between 21 and 38 grams depending on your circumstances, and you can get your fiber from grains, fruits, or vegetables.

Drink Ice Water

Though there is some debate over just how many extra calories drinking ice water can burn, there is general agreement that your body does have to work harder to warm up really cold water to your body temperature than it does warmer water. That extra expenditure may be small, but it can add up over time. More importantly, ice water is a refreshing beverage that you can use in place of sodas, juices, and even milk if you have your protein bases covered. That could save you hundreds of calories a day, and THAT will definitely help you lose fat.

Eat More Vegetables

Most vegetables are chock full of important vitamins and minerals, and they also provide a decent amount of fiber, depending on the variety you choose. Maybe more importantly for fat loss, veggies are hard to eat and force you to slow down when you’re chowing down. This gives your hunger sensors a chance to “turn off” and allows your body to realize that you have eaten. When you scarf food down, on the other hand, the volume you eat can often outpace your hunger mechanism, and you end up overeating.

Train First Thing in the Morning

For most people, the optimal time to train in terms of hormonal profile and body temperature is in the afternoon or early evening. However, many fitness experts recommend training first thing in the morning, and not just so you can fit training into your schedule. While weight training on an empty stomach is not the best idea for most, doing some form of cardio early in the day can positively impact your fat loss efforts. The reason is that your blood sugar should be low and steady during this time, which means that you will tap into your glycogen and fat stores for energy sooner than if you were well-fed. Just be careful not to train too intensely or you risk burning muscle mass, too.

Losing fat is not easy, but with a little thought you can make the process less painful. Try these tips to help you move toward your fat-loss goals without starving in the process.

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