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     Fitness Tips For 3/6/2013

Lou Ferrigno Arm Workout

The legend Lou Ferrigno is known all over the world and known for the
massive upper arms that helped him win Mr. Universe and later play The
Incredible Hulk on TV
. Ferrigno has a very specific workout routine that he says works for him to develop those massive arms. We will discussing these workouts below. There is certainly nothing complicated about the exercise selection that he uses but as Ferrigno says himself it all has to do with the sets and reps that you use. It should be added here that strict form and technique is vital if you want to avoid injuring yourself. The two favorite arm movements that Ferrigno likes are Barbell Curls and Incline Dumbbell Curls but he uses that to start his bicep workout and ends with Standard Preacher Curls and Spider Curls. He uses something called 21's which is what is discussed briefly below. If you start with barbell curls you work first do 7 reps from the normal start position up until your arms are parallel with the floor or halfway through the full range of motion. When those are done go immediately into curling the weight 7 more times but this time starting halfway through the motion to the top of the motion (arms perpendicular to floor). The last 7 repetitions of the entire set are killer as you must go through the complete range of motion or a full reps. This technique burns but it works. It can also be done with other movements like dumbbell curls etc. But you need to always be conscious of adding muscle confusion. Muscle confusion is achieved by constantly switching something up in your workout. No two workouts should be the same and can be done by simply switching the order of the exercises, rep ranges, or implementing special techniques like the 21's mentioned above. You probably know that triceps are 70% of the size of your arm and the other 30% belongs to your biceps. This means that if you want big arms like Ferrigno then you need to hammer your triceps. Strange as it may sound Ferrigno starts his triceps workout with pushdowns and does not end his workout with pushdowns. He then moves on to lying triceps extensions. As mentioned above Ferrigno concentrates on muscle confusion and is constantly changing his sets and reps that he does. There are countless variations that you can add to these exercises so you need to slowly discover what works best for you. The last Triceps movement that Ferrigno does is standing French press. Ferrigno's fundamental exercise philosophy places an emphasis on the quality of training rather than its frequency. Working each body part two days each week performing three exercises per body part, Ferrigno advocates performing a maximum of 12 sets per muscle group. After warming up, Ferrigno performs four sets of each exercise with eight to 10 reps per set. Ferrigno also notes that he does not work a body part more than once in a 72-hour period. If you want to get huge arms then training like Mr. Ferrigno this very well be the answer. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Lou Ferrigno Arm Workout

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