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     Fitness Tips For 1/20/2016

Low Carb vs No Carb Diet

There are a couple of major dietary styles involving carbohydrates the low carb and the no carb diets. No Carb Some people use a no-carb approach to get quick fat loss results. And you do get quick results by tossing out all your carbs. However, there are a couple of major issues with the no-carb diet training and maintaining. Without carbs for fuel, your workouts are going to turn out to be below par. In fact, far below par because carbs are the main fuel source for a strong workout. Get rid of all the carbs and you can't really train with much output. The second issue is maintaining. You simply can't stay on a no-carb diet very long at all. Your body was not designed to run on a no-carb diet and after awhile it will rebel and the wheels will start to fall off this dietary approach. So while a no-carb diet can bring about some short term results, it is not a diet to depend on for the long run. Low Carb On the other hand a low carb diet may not have as quick of results as the no-carb diet, but it will bring solid results over time. And you can tailor it to allow you to get enough carbs on workout days to fuel your training and then cut back more on non-workout days to trim more fat off your body. The low carb diet thus allows you to both get in your training with enough fuel and to maintain the low-carb dietary approach for much longer time periods than the no-carb approach. The low carb diet is a far better choice. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Low Carb vs No Carb Diet

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