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Maximal Voluntary Contraction

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 3/21/2018

What is Maximum Voluntary Isometric Contraction?

Did you know you can add to your physical progress by doing something that doesn't involve weights? Isometric co-contractions is the element that allows you to do this. And it is not all just some strange theory as research published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine (July 2013).

What the research found is quite interesting - that muscular activity that occurs during the voluntary co-contractions is a sufficient training stimulus for improving the strength capability of both muscles.

What is a co-contraction? It is the simultaneous contraction of agonist and antagonist muscles acting about a joint. For example, contracting both biceps and triceps at the same time. Or chest and back, or thighs and hamstrings.

It's a bit like posing but you could more accurately tab it as purposeful posing - the purpose being muscle stimulation more than visual. You hold the contraction for a few seconds (4 second range), relax for the same amount of time, and then repeat. Do this until you get in 10 repetitions for the pair of muscle groups being worked.

This may sound easy but you will quickly find it to be challenging to hold a hard contraction for a few seconds, especially when it is a dual, co-contraction. But once you start performing these very unique actions you will start to realize their very real benefits.

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