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Maximize Arm Growth

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 11/8/2017

How to Maximize Arm Muscle Growth

Join the crowd if you want big arms. But the crowd isn't so big for those who do actually make their arms bigger. That's because a lot of guys get stuck on the no-growth plateau and make mistakes like throwing more volume at the arms, which simply exacerbates the problem and prohibits new gains.

Your arms don't need more training - they simply need better training. How? By pumping up the quality of your training. More quality will outdo more volume by far for producing new gains.


The first thing to do is prioritize triceps training. Triceps are the arms big muscle group yet often just get the leftovers from training. Make triceps training a top priority. Start your arms workout off with triceps, not biceps.

Go for the Jugular

When you do train the biceps, go for the home run right away. That's because the best biceps training is short and intense, and that means you want to go big right away. Do this by taking that first set into the pain zone. And go several reps into the pain zone for great results.

Brach Attack

Finally, include some brachialis work. Many guys overlook this key area but you won't have complete arms unless you attack your brach region. Do so with several sets of reverse curls.

Sample Arm Workout for Maximum Growth

Triceps Pushdowns
Overhead Triceps Extensions

Barbell Curls
Incline Dumbbell Curls
Reverse Curls

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