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Mike Mentzer Back Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 1/3/2024

Mike Mentzer's Back Workout Routine

Mike Mentzer Back Routine

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Mike Mentzer's back workout routine. In this article, we will explore the techniques and principles behind Mentzer's innovative approach to back training. By following these strategies and incorporating them into your own workout routine, you can achieve remarkable results and surpass your fitness goals.

Understanding Mike Mentzer's Philosophy of Back Training

Mike Mentzer's unique philosophy of back training, emphasizing the importance of intensity, form, and proper execution. We explore his belief in high-intensity training and explain how it can maximize muscle growth and strength in the back muscles.

Mentzer, a proponent of high-intensity training (HIT), believed in training with maximum effort and intensity to stimulate muscle growth effectively. His principles emphasize the importance of brief, intense workouts, adequate recovery, and progressive overload.

To continually challenge the back muscles and promote growth, it is important to incorporate variation and progressive overload in the workout routine. This can be achieved by increasing the weights used, performing additional repetitions, or incorporating advanced techniques such as pre exhaust supersets.

It is crucial to listen to the body and gradually progress while maintaining proper exercise form and technique.

To ensure optimal performance and prevent injuries, it is essential to begin each back workout with a proper warm-up routine.

Mike Mentzer Back Routine

Here is the back workout routine that Mike Mentzer recommended in his Heavy Duty Back course:

Close Grip Underhand Pulldown 1 set

Pullover with no rest do
Rows 2 supersets

Shrugs with no rest do
Upright Rows 2 supersets

That's it, only a few intense sets once or twice a week at most and you're on your way to thicker and wider back!


In conclusion, Mike Mentzer's back workout routine is a comprehensive approach to developing a strong and well-defined back. By incorporating his principles of intensity, proper form, and progressive overload, you can enhance your back muscle development significantly. Remember to tailor the routine to your individual needs, and stay consistent and dedicated to achieve the best possible results. Stay motivated, persevere, and enjoy the journey to a stronger and more impressive back.

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