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Mini Fast Benefits

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 1/16/2019

Mini Fasting Benefits for Bodybuilding

Muscularity with the Mini Fast

There are tons of diets out there and for the bodybuilder it can be daunting to try and find the best one. But it is vital, and as Vince Gironda said, bodybuilding is 85 percent nutrition. So it is key to get this right, and many diets don't do the trick. They may cause the body to lose some fat, but if you lose muscle as well you are at cross-purposes for what you want to do. Fad diets very rarely turn out well for people and are particularly bad for the bodybuilder.

Mini-Fast Muscle

Although most fad diets don't help the bodybuilder in the long run, there is one popular diet that turns out to be beneficial. This is the 5:2 diet, where you eat as you commonly do on five days of the week, and then you take a mini-fast for two days of the week. These two days of mini-fasting are non-consecutive, so you get a day or more between the two fast days.

Using this mini-fast approach is perfect for the bodybuilder because it lets you burn off body fat without affecting your muscle mass. And that is the key issue for most diets. Many kill your muscle gains. But not the mini-fast diet. It lets you keep your muscle mass and that is what you want. Instead of totally fasting, you get a small amount of food and this prevents your body from consuming muscle for a fuel source.

On the days of the mini-fast you are only allowed 600 calories (for a guy; a woman is only allowed 500 calories). Most people make the mistake of eating their favorite carbs with those 600 calories but it is far better to focus most of the caloric intake on protein and fat. Eating eggs and cheese is a good idea, along with some high fiber fruit like apples or figs. Add a few choice vegetables like spinach and/or broccoli, and you have it wrapped.

Another factor on the diet days is to drink a lot of water. This is essential for your health and it also helps diffuse hunger pangs. And you want to drink a lot of water on the dietary days, more than you normally would as the water acts to help flush your system.

For a bodybuilder the 5:2 diet is a superb choice to chop off that unwanted fat so give it a shot soon.

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