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     Fitness Tips For 3/1/2017

Most Important Fat Loss Tips

Recently a study was released that was done on The Biggest Loser contestants. It included the contestants body composition before the show started, after completing the 30-week weight-loss program and then 6 years later. The study found that the contestants had all re-gained about 90lbs of the weight they lost on the show for 30 weeks. There are a few important lessons that can be learned here. The first is that we don't just lose body-fat when we lose bodyweight. When you eat less calories then you're making changes to every component in your body. That includes your lean body mass, your body-fat and the water you holding in these cells. The problem is that when you start to lose body-weight, you cannot necessarily control how much you lose of these components, but you can influence what's lost. There are thousands of diets out there but the bottom line is always reducing energy in, while increasing energy out with exercise etc. The problem is that you're unable to instruct your body to take the missing energy it needs from your fat stores only. The result is that we lose lean muscle mass while we losing fat. Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is your calories that you're going need to survive, with no activity. The more muscle you have the larger your metabolism has to be to maintain that muscle, so training with weights is always a good thing when it comes to losing body-fat. Professional athletes can eat more than 3,000 4,000 calories every day and never gain fat; all the calories they'll burn from playing their sports, their bodies still require more food to maintain. The problem is that Drastic Weight Loss = Muscle Loss with Smaller Metabolisms. The Biggest Loser contestants study mentioned above lost 128.5 pounds on average for each contestant in 30 weeks, that's about 4.3 pounds a week. That's a LOT of weight lost in so short a period of time, the measurements taken showed that of the 128.5lbs of weight-loss, 24.5lbs was lean muscle, which is 19%. Problem is that 19% muscle loss also comes with a major drop in the BMR requirements. In the case of the biggest loser study, their average BMR went from 2,607 calories a day to 1,958. That's a meals worth of calories that are not getting processed and turning to fat because of less muscle mass. Bodybuilders know all about muscle loss that comes with fat loss. When a bodybuilder prepares for a competition they able to drop body-fat percentage from let's say 15% to 4.5% in 6 months. With good nutrition and a well-planned training schedule the same bodybuilder will be standing onstage with 20% less lean body mass. In the study mentioned above, those Biggest Loser contestants regained 83.6% of their original fat loss after 6 years. The sad part is that this re-gain in weight lost resulted in a significantly lower metabolism. The author of the study suggests in conclusion that this lower metabolism the contestants had after 6 years, came from the lack of any regular hypertrophy training coupled with their totally unregulated eating habits, it's surefire way to get fat. Without developing the lean body mass farther weight-gain is not a strong possibility. Obviously any fat-loss achieved from hypertrophy training will be lost when this training is stopped. This is what we can learn from the Biggest Loser study: 1.Fixing your sights on weight-loss and not fat-loss is the wrong way to make any positive and permanent health changes. Throw out tracking your weight loss and follow your fat-loss by using a range of devices to determine your body composition, from calipers, and DEXA devices, to hydrostatic weighing, and BIA testing. You can get highly accurate body-fat measured by professionals, using a $10 plastic calipers and your home bathroom scale is not the best option, but it will tell you if you going in the right direction. 2. Any extreme diet/exercise program will have consequences. Losing over 4 pounds a week is extreme, your body goes into a defense mode to protect itself. It needs to be a slow gradual process of 2 pounds a week maximum. 3. Train with weights for maintaining fat-loss. Training with weights will not only increase fat-loss but will increase your immunity, reduce your insulin resistance, keep you mobile as you get older, and combats obesity by increasing BMR and your metabolism. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Most Important Fat Loss Tips

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