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     Fitness Tips For 8/3/2016

The Most Important Weightlifting Exercises

There are dozens and dozens of different weightlifting exercises but not all of them are equally important. Some stand out above the others. So what are the top gun exercises? Here are the best: Deadlift The deadlift is considered by many to be numero uno because it works so many major muscle groups at once and because it works them at maximum output levels. If you want one exercise to activate more muscle mass than any other, the deadlift is it. Squat There is an equally strong argument that the squat is the top exercise for the human body. It works almost as many muscles as the deadlift does, and it works the legs (which are the biggest muscles in the body) even more than the deadlift. Clean & Press The clean & press or push press allows you to work a lot of the body's muscles in a fast twitch mode something most exercises don't do. And it allows you to move critical mass through space, another factor in building a very strong body. Chin up The chin up is fantastic for working the arms, back, core and more. And you can add weight and perform weighted chin ups for a higher level of stimulation. Bench Press The bench press is the ultimate upper body exercise and a great tool for testing your strength. No other upper body exercise activates as much muscle above the waist as this move does. Stiff Leg Deadlift The stiff leg deadlift is fantastic for your hamstrings, low back, glute and also improves your grip substantially if you use a fairly heavy load and get a high rep count. Dip The dip stimulates the chest and triceps to a high degree and works the core as well. Seated Press Barbell or Dumbbell The seated press is awesome for triceps and shoulders and builds pressing power into the arms. Curl The curl is great for working the biceps in a manner that no other exercise can do. These exercises should make up the base of any routine and need to be used consistently if you want to maximize your muscles. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
The Most Important Weightlifting Exercises

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