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     Fitness Tips For 9/4/2013

Hitting Your Muscles From Different Angles

Attack the Angles

One little twist of your wrist and you can drastically change the
results in an exercise. Or the slight tilt of a bench. Angles matter,
more than most people realize. It doesn't take much of a change in an
angle to change the effect on the muscles. Some angle changes even 
shift the work load to entirely different muscle groups.

One example of a change in angle - instead of the traditional 45 
degree angle employed for incline bench press, lower the angle down 
to 20 to 30 degrees. By lowering the angle of the bench, you will 
target the upper chest area better. The standard 45 degree incline 
pulls in a lot of work from the front deltoid muscles - and that is 
fine if that is your target. However, if you are trying to work the 
upper chest, a lower angle does a much better job. Try it the next 
time you perform the incline bench and watch how well it fires up 
your upper chest region.

The front dumbbell lateral raise works the front deltoids. By turning
your wrist up into a hammer position, you can work both the front and
side deltoids at the same time. A simple twist of the wrist and you 
have a new exercise. If you have never performed your lateral raises 
with your wrists in the hammer position, give it a try. And don't 
stop there - you can turn your wrist even further outward at the top,
putting even more emphasis on the side deltoid.

You don't have to use a fixed position when you work the angles. 
Arnold, for instance, would employ a palms in position when 
performing the dumbbell press, and by the time the weight was all the
way up, his palms would be facing outward. In other words, he rotated
his wrists as the weights were pushed upward, and with this shifting 
angle, worked all the shoulder muscles instead of just the front 

Angles can also be used on the lower body as well. You can keep 
tension on the muscle in the standing leg curl by leaning forward 
slightly. Virtually any exercise you can do can be altered by the 
angles you employ. Experimenting is key here as it can lead you to 
exercise variations are effective - some more so than others. But 
the only way you will discover something new and productive is to 
work with various angles instead of just one.  

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Hitting Your Muscles From Different Angles

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