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Muscle Building Meals Recipes

Bodybuilding and Fitness Recipes

Build muscle and burn fat the natural way!

Use these time tested and great tasting recipes to gain mass, increase energy and strength all while getting ripped.

Includes complete recipes for meals, snacks, deserts, homemade protein bars and ultimate protein drink recipes.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 11/14/2018

Easy to Make Muscle Building Meals

Tips on How to Create Your Own Muscle Building Meals

When creating a muscle building meal you want to center what you are doing on your macronutrients. And you want to start at the top, which means protein. The word protein comes from a derivation that means roughly "of first importance" so that is exactly the place to begin with your muscle building meals.

The top tip - pick a protein type that you like. If you like eggs, go with that. Or maybe steak? Or better yet, steak and eggs. Turkey may be your favorite protein type. Use it. As long as it is a high quality protein, load up on it. The fact that you like it best means you will eat it more readily and consistently. You don't have to restrict yourself to canned tuna to get the job done - you can enjoy what you eat.

Another tip - add some healthy flavor. Get creative and keep it nutritious. As long as you keep it a healthy flavor, use it. For example, there are very healthy salad dressings that are tasty but extremely low in carbohydrates and calories. Putting a bit of this on top of a potato, for example, can transform it from blah to something you enjoy eating.

So the way to create muscle building meals is to of course use nutritious elements centered on protein, but also make sure the meal is tasty and delicious because that way you stick with the program.

The next tip is to makes sure the meal includes healthy fat. And yes, that means saturated fat. Saturated fat is a growth factor for the muscles, so get some butter on those potatoes also. Make sure that every time you have protein, you also have some fat with it. Yes, you can add in other fats like fish oil and extra virgin olive oil, but be sure to include saturated fat.

Each meal should contain some carbohydrate, even if it is minimal at times. You want your meals to be well-rounded in macronutrients, while leaning a strong protein intake.

Final tip - don't forget your fruits and veggies. This is where all the great vitamins and minerals lie, and you want to mine this area deeply. If you aren't totally excited about the veggies, put a little tasty dressing on top.

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