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I don't have the perfect genes for bodybuilding, nor do I 
have a lot of time to eat the right way. Using the 
Andro-Shock product however I really have seen excellent 
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work. Not the ideal circumstances for good nutrition or 
working out. Yet my flat bench went from 225 lbs to 285. 
And as of last week I went up to 290 lbs. My arms have 
grown almost 2". I have noted increases in all body sets. 
And what amazes me is that I haven't got the shaky 
feeling I used to get from other Andro products that 
have been made illegal. Thanks for a non-steroid 
based product that actually works. 

Mike Ronnebaum

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     Fitness Tips For 11/16/2016

Shortcuts for Muscle Building

There is no question that building muscle takes time but there are some muscle building shortcuts you can do to speed up the process. Here are a few you can put to work right away. Crank up the Sleep Muscles don't grow during training. Actually, hardcore training tears the muscles down. It is during sleep that the muscles are built up. So if you want to shortcut the process, add more sleep to your daily routine. Deliberately allow yourself extra time in both regular sleeping and napping and this will help your muscles grow quicker than they would otherwise. Shortcut Rest Session One of the quickest ways to get on a shortcut path to more muscle is to change the rest time between sets. Instead of the typical longer rest periods that are standard (2-3 minutes or more per set interval), shorten the rest time. This will speed up your metabolism and speed up the muscle building process as well. Onc caveat don't do it all the time. Use this shortened rest period process in a cyclical manner. Employ the shortened rest period approach for a cycle lasting 6-8 weeks in duration and shorten the interval of every set downward to speed up the muscle building action. How much shorter? Take it down to a minute or less between sets. Go Heavy One of the quickest ways to build more muscle is to increase the stimulation on the muscles. And that translates into heavier weight loads. Simply add more weight all of a sudden to your exercises and prod the muscles to make more gains. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Shortcuts for Muscle Building

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