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Product Reviewed: Pumped Extreme - Kre-Alkalyn Complex Creatine
Rating: 5 Star
Reviewer: Max Mussello

Out of all the Creatine's I've tried, from powdered monohydrate creatine
to fancy sounding pre-made stacks, this Kre-Alkylyn complex called 
Pumped Extreme is hands down the best ever. The first part of this 
creatine review will be a Pumped Extreme Review, because it is the best 
creatine supplement that I have ever tried and it has given me the most 
muscular gains!

Having a sensitive stomach and an aversion to putting chemicals or 
anything unnatural in my body, this was like a miracle solution for me! 
Pumped Extreme comes in a capsule format, and you can avoid all the 
common side effects associated with traditional creatine use such as 
cramping, diarrhea, indigestion, anxiety attacks, etc. This was my 
experience anyway, and I cannot tell you that creatine works like 
illegal steroids, because it doesn't. I can tell you though that I 
have used many different brands in the past with minimal results, 
and now that I have used Pumped Extreme I have actually seen some 
great gains in strength AND muscle SIZE, and I haven't had any 
negative side affects! I have used it for over a month and a half 
to date!

For full details go to Pumped Extreme Creatine

     Fitness Tips For 11/23/2016

Muscle Glycogen Supercompensation Protocol

Are you taking advantage of a full tank of fuel for your training? A workout performed on an empty take works fine for burning off fat if you are trying to lower weight, but for getting the most out of weight training you want to make sure you get a big push from your fuel source. And for weight training and indeed all resistance training, the premium fuel source comes from carbohydrates. And this process can be manipulated, which is the goal of muscle glycogen supercompensation. The goal is to force the muscles to hold more glycogen than they normally would. Drain to Gain It is kind of a crazy process but here is the protocol for how it works, and it does work quite well. First you drain the muscle glycogen stores, then you not only load them back up but you overload them. When you deplete the muscle glycogen stores the body adjusts by more aptly creating and storing glycogen for future challenges because you cause the body to prepare for such a situation. So the first step is stripping stripping the carbs out of your diet. You add to the process by getting in an intense workout which further depletes the glycogen. There are various options to draining your carbs. Many use a 3-4 day time frame, where minimal carbs are taken in during this period, followed by the intense, draining workout. Reload The reloading process is a lot quicker. In fact the muscles can be fully reloaded in one day, just 24 hours, and then can go as high as 150 percent loaded within 36 hours of strong carb intake. Some guys prefer to drink a lot of fruit juice to facilitate fast glycogen reloading for the muscles. Various studies indicate the supercompensation scheme works quite well. Supercharge the Supercompensation It has been shown from studies that glycogen supercompensation tended to be greater if creatine and glycogen were loaded simultaneously. A muscle's glycogen loading capacity is influenced by its initial levels of creatine and the accompanying alterations in cell volume. cited in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Medicine). Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Muscle Glycogen Supercompensation Protocol

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