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     Fitness Tips For 2/2/2016

How Muscle Memory Works

Muscle memory is a powerful side effect from training that most people are largely unaware of. Most people simply aim at building muscle and lots of it. But the beneficial side effect of that muscle is a product that doesn't become apparent until much later. That side product is muscle memory. When you build up your muscles you are also creating in your muscles the ability to quickly spring back into size after a time of no training (sometimes called detraining). Melting Away When you take some time off from training on purpose or not your muscles start to atrophy if that time period is long. The longer the time period, the more your muscles melt away. However, don't become totally discouraged because due to your previous training, the muscles can grow back quicker than if you had never trained. Rule of Thumb The rule of thumb for muscle memory is that for someone who has trained previously, their muscles will spring back twice as fast as someone who has never trained. So if both an untrained and a previously trained person start training at the same time, the previously trained person will experience muscle growth that comes on much quicker than does the person training for the first time. For this reason it is always good to push your training as far as possible since the further you go now, the further and quicker you will be able to return due to muscle memory. Note: Checkout the author's website at NaturalSize.com

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How Muscle Memory Works

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