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Ecdy-Bolin Review

I am a pretty avid lifter who has always had trouble gaining muscle mass.

I was getting frustrated because I seemed to be working harder but I stayed a stingy 212 lbs. So I went out on a limb and purchased Ecdy-Bolin.

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Thank you so much!

James Botti, Lincoln DE

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 12/1/2021

Training the Natural Way

By Craig Yarnall WNBF Professional Bodybuilder

We as the natural bodybuilder are not afraid to try new workouts. But with all workouts it comes down to the basics and consistency. "Natural" lifters must remember the body does speak and when it does we must listen. Our bodies do not hide injuries like the "other" athletes. This is where three keys to a long productive "natural" bodybuilding career can really payoff. They are nutrition, technique, and recovery.

No magic workout will build ideal mass for man or woman. Each sex can attain similar results with testosterone being the limiting factor in which women do not build the tremendous musculatures men can. Similar workouts can work for men and women. My wife has been my workout partner for the last 3 years and made some really good gains from the workouts we have done. I myself have made very good progress from the workouts as well. She really has been my prized pupil during these past 5 years of being a personal trainer. Her strength has increased progressively each year and is now in the best shape of her life. Dr. Jeffery Volek has done extensive research to establish ideal gains in women who lift heavier weights in a periodized lifting program. Again due the main factor, testosterone, women can not attain the same musculatures as men due to hormonal differences, but can very productive progress in terms of fat loss and tightening up the entire body! Nutritional factors can help to change the way muscle is carried in each sex as well, but never to the point where women will equal men unless "testosterone" is used.

Now that we see that men and women can do very similar workouts, let's look at bodybuilding. Bodybuilding's main purpose is build muscle to each person's genetic ceiling with ideal shape, size, and symmetry. Knowing this, muscle stimulation of the group you are trying to work is the key. Tension, form, and technique are main way to promote the greatest muscle stimulation. In order to establish these factors, one must use a weight heavy enough to cause tension without losing your form for at least 6 repetitions (Power/Core Lifts) and maximally in the other direction of 15-20 repetitions during high intensity/ Volume training. It has been documented that weights done for more than 15 reps will do little to make the muscle adapt and grow. If this were the case women who walked for exercise would have the best legs around and that is not the case. Women must weight train to reap the benefits of total fitness; otherwise, optimal fat loss will not occur. On the other hand, those who go below 6 reps consistently are more prone to injury because these weights are not done with proper form and technique. When weights are done that fall under 6 reps, the muscle group being worked receive the least amount of tension, which can cause the accessory groups to take the brunt of the movement. Have that Orthopedic phone number ready!

Training, in general, does not just change to higher reps when pre-contest comes around. Is that what got you there to begin with? I don't think so! Routines need to vary as well as reps, but drastic changes in your workout will not support muscle retention. Experimentation and trial and error can help you see how your body responds. Variety in your workouts is a must if your plan is to keep plateaus and stagnation out of your workouts. Periodization is one of those ways to prevent plateaus and overtraining. Homeostasis is a condition our body is very comfortable with, but we never want our muscles to be in that comfortable condition. Our bodies try and figure out what we are doing to fight change, so never fall into the rut of the habitual workout. Extensive research has been done by the College of New Jersey about non-cyclic periodization. These workouts can really benefit the "natural" athlete. These are alternating a Power/ Core lift workout with a high intensity/ Volume workout. Great strength gains have been reported in both men and women. This alternating workout program allows the body to recover and get stronger at the same time. Rep ranges will vary and adequate rest can occur while you train to stimulate not annihilate. The body over time can then feel strong and energetic without the increased chance of overtraining and injury.

Bodybuilders are not usually cardio lovers, but it is the necessary evil that must be done to work the heart and accelerate fat loss. Cardio should be done as little as possible being a bodybuilder, because excess cardio can eat away that hard-earned muscle. Excessive cardio can also cause injuries due to its repetitive nature and how it can pound away at your feet, ankles, knees, and hips. Work it just enough to have a healthy heart or when necessary to accelerate fat loss for an upcoming show. During the off-season 2-3 times a week is sufficient working on lower intensity cardio with areas such as mile runs and 100 m sprints with 300 m jogs. Pre-contest can get up to 4-6 times a week with higher interval training as necessary depending upon your condition.

I have been training for well over 15 years and have seen my share of comfortability with workouts by both sexes. Women will take endless aerobics classes and use cardio equipment 7 days a week. For all those years of hard work, she has little to no progress to see. Why? Because resistance training is not part of their workout. You know they could get bulky! BIG! NOT! Women need to embrace their muscles and be proud of their genetics and train hard to achieve what they have worked so hard for! Men are no different, except they are on the other end of the spectrum. They tend to lift too much weight, no matter what the cost! They work every muscle group in the body, except the one being emphasized that day. Take the Bench Press, on a Monday, on Big Chest Monday, as you load up the bar with improper warm ups, one plate on each side, then two plates on each side. As the sets get further along and the weight increases so does the speed at which the bar freight trains to your chest! All of a sudden, the direction changes from the negative to the positive and the chest becomes a trampoline and the lower back and ass become a parking spot for your car. Nothing good can come out of that last scenario except injury and pain. Muscle control and maximum stimulation are the keys to bodybuilding when lifting. Bodybuilding is just that building your body, not out of control power lifting. Power lifting movements have their place in the bodybuilding world, but not to the low one rep maxes being performed by power lifters. I feel power lifting movements can be very effective during the off season to put on those extra pounds of hard earned muscle, but in the proper rep ranges and hitting low rep ranges once in a while.

Stiff-legged deadlifts are another movement, which has been butchered over the years as well. This movements' pivot point should be around the hip joint. The main muscle group should be the hamstring with some help from the lower back muscles. Minimal feeling should be felt in the lower back due to the isometric hold in the upper body. Countless times this exercise is done with movement occurring around the spine thus compromising the back. And even more stress can be put on the lower back if the bar is moved away from the legs during the descent. Remember on this one to keep the back flat and stretch those glutes backwards as the bar descends and as you return to the top the glutes are squeezed tight!

Your workout should be built around the 3 main regions: the legs, back, and chest. All the other groups are assistive and will get their work but not at the expense of the big three. These other groups are the shoulders, biceps, and the triceps. These smaller assisting groups should not be trained to where they impede the larger muscles in their workouts. Biceps should not be trained the day before your back. The shoulders and triceps should not be trained the day before your chest. I have worked out the most ideal scenario on how to work your schedule from experience and extensive research. I know that everyone does not fall under the typical workout that works for everybody, but a lot of variables go into this workout and tremendous results have been seen. I suggest a 6-8 week cycle and you won't be disappointed! It calls for a 2 days on/ 1 day off schedule for the "natural" athlete. A typical week goes like this:


Day 1: Chest/tris/abs

Day 2: Legs/calves

Day 3: OFF

Day 4: Shoulders/traps/abs

Day 5: Back/biceps/calves

Day 6: OFF

Day 7: Repeat Day 1


No muscle groups really overlap and no one-day is set in stone with the non-cyclic periodization. Workouts can vary and the body is not taxed the same way each time.

Power and Volume workouts are ideal for men and women. It lets the women push themselves on the power workout, while the men tax themselves on the volume workout. Rep ranges always vary accordingly, where benefits can be derived from each workout. Both workouts are an eye-opener for each sex as they venture into unchartered territories and keep the body guessing as to what's coming next. Quality gains will come without extensive pounding on your joints, tendons, and ligaments. Oh, what a relief!

Remember, workouts change and adapt according to research. Everyone will have a special way to hit their muscles, but I believe this one to be great for all!

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