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     Fitness Tips For 9/7/2016

No Cardio Workout Plan

No cardio workouts? Some people use cardio and some don't. There are arguments both ways and both have pros and cons. There is no question that you need to work your heart there is no doubt about that. But do you need to do so with a direct cardio routine? Yes and no. For working the heart and burning off calories, a cardio/aerobic workout is a good idea. But some trainers contend you can get in a hard and fast enough weight workout that they don't need the specific stand-alone cardio/aerobic training. Ollie McClay, a top trainer and bodybuilder who in his late 70's can still out perform 20 year old guys (Google him if you want to be impressed) and is a good case in point - he doesn't use any specific cardio/aerobic training at all. Ollie's workouts, however, are about as intense as they can be. Newbies who try to train with him often end up in the bathroom throwing up from the intense pace and challenge of his training style. Ollie who at one point had 20+ inch arms and a 28 inch waist while weight close to 230, is trim as can be and has bulging veins due to his low body fat levels. He accomplished this without resorting to any cardio/aerobic workouts. You can go the non-cardio route but you have to ensure that your workouts are hard core and intense enough to work your heart strongly. The average moderate pace training routine won't cut it. So are your workouts intense enough? You can tell by seeing how hard your heart is working by taking your pulse, or if the routine is keeping you close to getting out of breathe. A great way to start is by adding super sets to your routine, for example when doing bench press for chest, rather than resting between sets do barbell rows for your back. Go back and forth between bench press and barbell rows with no rest in-between until you have done all your sets then move on to a different combination such as squats and leg curls. If you consistently train this way you'll get a great muscle building, fat burning and cardiovascular workout; and you can get away with skipping the specific cardio training routines. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
No Cardio Workout Plan

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