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     Fitness Tips For 6/25/2014

Non Lockout Reps

Non-Lockout Loading One of the most brutal training techniques of all is the non-lock out training style. Why? Because when you lock out a weight load, you give your body a slight rest. The straightened arm or leg allows the weight load to largely come off the muscles. This takes the tension off, if ever so briefly, and lets the muscles recoup. The non-lock out workout, however, disallows this rest. It keeps that tension on the muscles. It almost acts as one long rep that runs through various ranges, again and again. Non-lock out training can be performed on any muscle group. The bench press, the curl, all the exercises can be performed with a non-lockout style of action. Perhaps the toughest of all to do in a non-lock out form is the squat. Squatting down and coming up to a point just below lockout is the nastiest training of all. Non-lockout training really amps up the intensity level to a high degree. And along with that goes the pain element. The upside here is that all that intensity and pain brings a corresponding growth gain as well. The non-lockout training style is one of the best ways to build a massive pump into the muscle being worked. Even just a couple of sets performed in this way will generate one of the biggest pumps you have ever experienced. Non-lock out training can be done on all of your muscle groups at once, or on one area at a time. Or it can be narrowed down to a single exercise. That is, you may want to perform most of your curls in a session with a standard locking out sequence, but take one movement like the preacher curl and do it in a non-lockout manner. This will provide a tremendous burn in the arms. Give the non-lockout style training a shot in your next workout cycle and watch what results you get from this tough training approach. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Non Lockout Reps

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