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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 2/26/2020

Best Nutrition for a Healthy Life

You don't need to be seeking to lose fat or to gain muscle to watch what you eat. Everyone should watch what they eat.

In this day and age , what with all the products out on the shelves, all the delicious snacks available, how does one live healthily, how does one make sure they are putting down a solid foundation for their body in years to come.

Years ago when people lived much simpler lives, living off fish, simple cooked meat, potatoes and vegetables grown in their own garden, they had the most healthy diet. Those people lived long lives, those people didn't die of "modern diseases".

They dies of old age and had lived a full healthy life.

Today people are dying younger and younger and its all due to diet.

For your own sake make yourself day in and day out to strive for the best food for your health, take the advice I give you in this website and put it towards your future, for a better body and a full healthy life.

Unlike gaining weight and losing fat, starting a diet for a healthy life can begin straight away.

Empty out your fridge, get rid of all those sugary snacks, those cakes, and treats. Remove those frozen chips and other frozen items that have little or no nutritional value, that only contain a lot of fat.

Remove the biscuits, the pies, the buns and the soft drinks.

Its time to start your new healthy diet. Go shopping and promise yourself that this time and every other time from now on you go shopping that you will look for the best food for you and your family. This means lean meats, plenty of fruit and vegetables, complex carbs such as whole grain breads and wholegrain cereals, porridge oat flakes, beans, nuts and seeds and milk for healthy bones.

Also it would be worth the while to invest in a multi vitamin and mineral supplement if you feel you aren't getting enough nutrients from your diet.

Protein : Eat a lot of it and at every meal. Protein is the most important thing you can consume. Try to consume 1 gram per 2 pounds of bodyweight. You cant live healthily without protein, its the very thing that replenished dead cells in your body and it repairs where needed.

Carbohydrates :  Important for energy, they should supply the bulk of a healthy diet, aim to get most of your carbs from potatoes, rice, pasta, breads and cereals and the rest from vegetables.

Fat : 20% of your diet should be fat ( the good kind),  see below for the good fats and the wrongs fats

Remember also to eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. 

Good Fats Bad Fats                
Olive oil Sweets
Sunflower oil cakes etc
Fish oil ( e.g. cod) sugary snacks

Eating healthy means you have energy for life, young and old. You can join in with activities like soccer with zest.

Don't fall into the bad diet trap, for your own sake follow this advice and go out and enjoy your healthy life.

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