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     Fitness Tips For 6/26/2013

What is Occlusion Training?

The pump is a key element for building bigger muscles as the pump 
supplies elements (via the blood) to the muscles just as they need
it the most. The pump, as bodybuilders discovered in the 1960's, 
was highly effective. The bigger the pump, the bigger the muscles

The pump comes naturally when you get in repeated repetitions in 
the "growth zone", the place where your body is working at maximum
output to keep the weight moving. However, bodybuilders are forever
on a quest for more gains, and a bigger pump. Diet, training, 
everything is employed to maximize the pump. Some things work, some
don't. One of those that does is using blood flow restriction.

The name "blood flow restriction: can seem somewhat misleading as
you actually are trying to increase blood flow to the muscle being
worked. The restriction is in keeping that blood from leaving the 
area. More than a gimmick, this style of controlling your blood 
flow actually works.  

Note that when you train with your body in this type of set up, 
you want to use a lighter weight load than normal. The restricted 
blood flow out will go to work right away.

Occlusion training works by putting elastic cuffs on your arms and
then doing a series of high rep sets at only 30% of your 1 rep max
and only resting about 30 seconds between sets.

For example if you can curl 100 lbs for 1 rep you would use only 
30 lbs. You put the cuffs just above biceps and do 4 sets of as 
many reps as you can with only 30 seconds rest between sets.

Note of warning - don't restrict your blood flow too much. Be smart
and remember that a little goes a long way. You don't want it too 
tight - a moderate to light tightness is enough to do the trick 
for a big pump.

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What is Occlusion Training

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