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     Fitness Tips For 2/15/2017

Old School Calf Training

In Arnold's era, the Golden era of bodybuilding, there was a bodybuilder who not too many today are aware of (Arnold tended to overshadow most everyone during that time) but this guy had great calves. His name was Steve Davis and he won the Mr. World title. He had a fantastic physique but one of his strongest points was his calves. That's why it is important to consider his approach to calf training. High Reps Davis believed in using a fairly high repetition point (15 repetitions) for the calves. And the way he performed the calves was in a certain manner. This technique centered around the foot. Most guys just go for it, but you can get more results from targeting your technique. Technique The technique to use is to rise up pushing off primarily on the area between the big toe and the middle toe. Concentrate most of the action on this area. Do this for your calf raises as well as for general walking around. Davis says that squeezing the calves at the top of the lift for a second or so is beneficial. You do this for repetition after repetition and it adds up to a great burn and pump. Seated Davis really liked the seated calf raise and pointed to it as one of his primary tools for building his calves. He notes that you always need to include calf work from a format where the knee is bent, and the seated calf raise is the best way to do this. Not that many people train the calves and even fewer use the seated calf raise. That's a mistake as this is an essential move if you want to fully develop the calves. Get a full range of motion on this exercise and really stretch the calves at both ends of the movement. Fast One final element you can add into calf training is to do it fairly quickly. That is, don't take very long between sets. Pound out the sets with only a minimal rest (30 to 60 seconds) between each of the sets. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Old School Calf Training

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