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     Fitness Tips For 12/16/2015

One Arm T-Bar Row

Blast Your Back with 1-Arm T-Bar Torture If you want a thick, muscular, incredibly strong back, you have to do some rowing. If not, you don't have that deep thickness that makes the back stand out, and you won't have as strong of an upper torso as you possibly could. Most people work their back with either a Hammer style rowing machine or some barbell rowing. Both are great movements for building a powerful back. But there is another tool that you should use for ultimate back depth and power building. This exercise is the one-arm T-bar row. This is a fantastic movement that far too many people are unaware of. Super ROM The one-arm T-bar row allows you to achieve a super range of motion when working the back. Some machine back exercises shortchange you in this area, with the movement stopping before it gets as wide a range of motion as possible, depending upon how the machine is built. But the one-arm T-bar row is more of a free-style lift, and you can get super deep on the down stroke and a high pull at the top of the movement. And the wider your range of motion, the better it builds your back muscles. The one-arm T-bar row can be performed either slowly or explosively. And the manner in which to get the full benefit of the move is to let the bar go down super deep at the bottom to a point where you can fully feel the muscles stretched out to the maximum, then pull it up strongly. And as you pull it up, make it a point to really get your elbow high and back on each repetition. Laser Focus The one-arm T-bar row also has the advantage of letting you focus more on each side of the back and ensure that those muscles get an outstanding pump. The one-arm T-bar row is a concentrated movement that will really blow your back up. This exercise is tough and nasty but provides super results. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
One Arm T-Bar Row

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