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     Fitness Tips For 3/2/2016

Results with just One Set?

One Set to Failure Results Is it possible to get results with just one set? Mike Mentzer believed it was, and so did Dorian Yates. So how did they do it? By making that set a super dynamic one. They put everything they had into that single set and make it so intense that they did get results from a single set. One thing both Dorian and Mike often did was to perform one or two warm up sets prior to their single set. In this way they got the particular muscle in question ready to go and then they pounded that muscle, giving it a huge overload. A moderate or even strong set won't do it has to be a super hard, all-out journey into the pain zone with that set and for that particular muscle group. To make this work it requires extreme focus for each set. If you can focus narrowly and push into the pain zone, you can realize results from a single set. One set to failure means - cranking out the reps until you couldn't do another rep no matter how hard you try. Some may find it difficult to get that intensity for each set, but there is a tradeoff here that can make it happen. Since you are only performing one working set, the entire workout is much shorter than a standard routine and this lets you dial up the intensity and bring it for each and every target set. So the brief time frame works to enable the super high intensity required for making the body respond. Sample One Set Pre Exercise Triceps Workout Triceps Pushdown one set to failure with no rest to Dips one set to complete muscle failure. For the full workout program go to Mike Mentzer Workout

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One Set to Failure Results

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